By Drew Fox Jordan • August 9, 2021

    How to Be Proactive with Your Fundraising Travel

    Ah, the open road. While many fundraisers are eager to get back into the swing of face-to-face meetings with donors and prospects, travel in today’s climate also brings with it various logistical pain points. 

    How to Be Proactive with Your Fundraising Travel

    In some instances, fundraisers are still experiencing limits to their travel schedules altogether. For those that are able to take flight, finding the extra time to plan strategic trips that will provide the greatest ROI in terms of donor stewardship and engagement proves a considerable challenge. 

    From setting anchor visits and determining how many donors you can possibly engage given your time constraints, travel coordination can feel like a rinse-and-repeat experiment each month. One that may leave fundraisers doubting whether it even moved the needle despite all the time and energy dedicated to its planning.

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    To ensure fundraiser’s time is spent on higher-value initiatives such as relationship cultivation, it would be ideal to have a personal travel assistant to help them make the most of their time on the road, right? It’s this exact concept that underlays Gravyty GO!, our AI-based travel tool developed to help fundraisers efficiently and strategically establish the most worthwhile travel plans each month.

    One of the options fundraisers can take advantage of with Gravyty Go! is the Proactive Travel Tool, which prescribes the best travel for them each month, based on the locations of donors that will make the next biggest gifts. Through the Proactive Travel Tool, fundraisers receive an email in their inbox on the first of every month that lists their top-three travel destinations based on our AI. It also lists the donors in each region in order of anchor visit to filler visit so that fundraisers are spending their time reaching out to the most important donors to ensure the biggest return on engagement. 

    While Gravyty GO! optimizes travel locations and prioritizes donors, it doesn’t stop there. Once a fundraiser selects his or her destination and prospects, the platform helps them begin outreach, serving up a First Draft email in their inbox to help get the ball rolling immediately.

    With Gravyty Go!, the goal is simple: help fundraisers who are able to get back on the roads this year travel smarter, not harder, and focus their time and energy on building relationships with their donors.

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