By Drew Fox Jordan • July 8, 2021

    How Nonprofits Can Prevent A Fundraiser Exodus

    The post-pandemic workforce will look entirely different than it did before we all went home and logged on from our couches. But more than the way we work, the very people doing that work are different too. A staggering 53% of Americans would switch to a role in an entirely new industry if they had to opportunity to retrain, according to Prudential's latest Pulse of the American Worker Survey.

    How Nonprofits Can Prevent A Fundraiser Exodus

    After a year of working remotely, many workers are voicing that they feel much differently about work than they did before. For some, priorities changed and the pandemic was an opportunity to spend more time with family. But others took time to reflect on the jobs they do - are you being fulfilled emotionally by the work you are doing? This has prompted many to leave their jobs in search of careers that provide more support for them as individuals and employees.

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    During the pandemic, many fundraisers felt as if they were embarking on an impossible task of fundamentally changing the way they worked while continuing to ask for money from donors in the worst economy since the Great Recession. Not to mention, they still had their families to care for. Understandably, burnout during the pandemic reached levels the industry had never seen. 

    Now that the workforce is seeing higher rates of turnover, nonprofits must be mindful of the cost of losing experienced employees. Here is how nonprofits can avoid risking its fundraisers leaving for greener pastures:

    Commit To Your Workforce

    In the face of the "Great Resignation", nonprofit leaders must commit to their workforces. This starts with making sure that employees are being supported both personally and professionally. In today's economy, workers know that they can find positions that don't view them as just another part of the team. Your fundraisers are committed to your organization's mission, the least you can do is commit to their success as well so they can feel supported as a working professional.

    Prioritize Happiness

    The days of leaving work at the office are over. Work is now interwoven into our daily lives so much so that fewer employees are taking time for themselves. Find ways to let your employees prioritize their mental health. Focusing on your fundraiser's happiness will have professional benefits too: when workers are happy, they are much less likely to leave their jobs reducing lost productivity through employee turnover, and it is well documented that happy employees are better workers.

    Abandon The Old Way Of Doing Things

    So much has changed in the past year and a half that today's world is nearly unrecognizable compared to our pre-pandemic workplaces. Strategies that worked before the pandemic are likely no longer relevant to what is needed to win in today's climate. Instead of waiting for things to return to normal, embrace the opportunity to revise some of your outdated processes. Take the time to review what might be holding you back in the jump to digital.

    Invest In The Future

    In order for your fundraisers to do the best work of their lives, you will need to give them to tools to succeed. No one wants to work at an organization that is still using the old way of doing things when the rest of the industry is charging ahead. Seek out tools that are poised to impact the sector not only now, but down the road when what we consider "new" technology becomes the industry standard. Falling behind now will prove to be detrimental both for your existing workforce and your ability to recuit your next gift officers.

    Tools like Gravyty are being used to enable fundraisers feel more control over their time and focus on creating outcomes that were not possible before artificial intelligence. Most importantly, according to Ashley Keeton of Living On The Edge: "Gravyty made my job a whole lot more fun".

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    See a Gravyty demo today and see for yourself how you can equip your fundraisers with the tools they need to succeed at their jobs and be happier doing it.

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