By Drew Fox Jordan • September 3, 2020

    How Much Time Do Your Fundraisers Lose to Data Entry?

    Donors do not typically appear out of the blue. More often, they are cultivated over years of relationship-building that involves many emails, phone calls, meetings -- and often multiple different fundraisers. Each of those past interactions informs today’s fundraisers of two crucial pieces of information: when an ask should be made, and how the ask should be made.

    But, all of that relies on these actions being written back into an organization’s database or CRM, leaving lots of space for human error. Writing back every interaction with a donor is a time-consuming process, not to mention, tedious. Some fundraisers have a reputation for forgetting to update the CRM or attempting to summarize interactions weeks or months after a touchpoint, robbing their organization of helpful information and data insights. Other fundraisers are meticulous and spend hours each week keeping donor records up to date, robbing themselves of time that would be better spent building relationships or making appeals to donors.


    Data is certainly important, but it’s also a double-edged sword. In the short term, how much time do fundraisers lose updating data? In the long term, how many future opportunities does your organization lose when donor interactions aren’t cataloged? To date, it’s been hard to quantify. And most shops don’t have a solution.

    Because this is about efficiency, Gravyty’s tech team decided to look at the issue through the lens of artificial intelligence (AI). AI exists so we can automate processes that limit our potential to execute at a high-level. One of the great benefits of Gravyty’s AI Productivity Tools is that they include a seamless writeback of donor communications to your organization’s CRM or database, regardless of your provider.


    Now, fundraisers don’t have to be stuck between being productive and being organized. No longer do they have to remember to write interactions back into the CRM or even have to consider if an interaction is worth logging. Gravyty’s complete comprehensive writeback of donor communications captures a fundraiser’s initial email, notes, response, and the chain of communication moving forward for any donor in a portfolio.

    We know that an incredible amount of knowledge is lost when fundraisers transfer in and out of portfolios and jobs throughout their careers, and organizations lose the very insights that inspire giving. We also know that fundraisers were born to build relationships, not enter data into a CRM.

    How much efficiency -- long and short term -- does your organization lose because of a data entry problem? Ready to break this unnecessary cycle? Talk to a Gravyty specialist today and find out how to give your gift officers more time to do what they do best - fundraise.

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