By Drew Fox Jordan • September 10, 2020

    How Do I Know If Donors Are Even Opening My Emails?

    Fundraisers know this scene all too well: after a day of researching and going through giving history, they craft the perfect message to a prospective donor and hit send. All that is left is to wait for a reply. However, that doesn’t always happen. Fundraisers are left without understanding if their prospect has even opened their email, never mind if they’ve simply forgotten to respond. Without feedback, fundraisers are left in the dark with how donors and prospects are engaging with or considering their outreach.

    Fundraisers are left guessing if their message is effective and what the best way to reach individual prospects and donors. A fair amount of giving is lost because of the inability to measure engagement.

    For example, the recipient who gets your message and flags it as something they want to consider later is very different from the recipient who gets your message and deletes it. To the fundraiser, in both cases it appears they haven’t inspired any engagement. However, the reality is far different.

    Engagement Alerts Image

    If fundraisers had the ability to track opens and clicks, the fundraiser would have extremely valuable insight into this donor’s level of interest. Furthermore, they’d understand if it would be more appropriate to connect with the donor through a different channel, like a phone call.


    Within Gravyty’s fundraiser enablement suite, powered by AI, is a set of productivity tools that alert fundraisers to engagement with their outreach. With Gravyty’s engagement alerts, fundraisers immediately know when donors and prospects open emails, click on links, or respond. This feedback loop empowers the fundraiser to identify and tailor the right outreach plan for all of their donors and prospect.

    With Gravyty, fundraisers gain the ability to understand and perfect donor communication like never before, and make the right ask at the right time to inspire giving.

    Are you ready to gain better insight into the efficacy of your outreach? Talk to a Gravyty specialist today and learn how engagement alerts can improve fundraiser outreach.



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