By Drew Fox Jordan • January 4, 2021

    How Can Fundraisers Find Focus In The New Year?

    Life in full of constant distractions. Breaking news alerts, hungry pets, and other disruptions define the new normal of working remotely. More and more variables can effect fundraiser productivity when there’s no office to separate work from home, and each one added makes it harder to stay on track.

    How Can Fundraisers Find Focus In The New Year?

    But these variables aren’t just affecting one individual, they’re affecting the entire organization. When unexpected issues arise, prioritizing connections with prospects may be pushed to the side. Personalizing communications with donors becomes even more of a challenge for gift officers, greatly impacting their decisions on future gifts. When the only constant is uncertainty, fundraisers need a "home base" to return to. 

    No matter how inconsistent your schedule is from day-to-day, Gravyty First Draft is a dependable solution to help navigate through the fog. Each morning, when a fundraiser opens their email, Gravyty's AI can identify the best donor to reach out to and even self-write a personalized message to that donor without even opening the database. Once an action is taken, another prompt will show the next donor to reach out to. Gravyty’s predictable workflow is a consistency that ensures no matter where a fundraiser is, or what distractions are being thrown at them, connecting with your donors remains simple and reliable.

    Taylor Buxbaum, Director of Development at Arkansas State, uses this reliability to send his donors crafted messages even if he’s away from his desk and can’t do the research into the database himself. Working from his mobile device, despite uncertainties that might be keeping him away from his normal workflow, he’s still able to keep in touch with his portfolio.

    And this type of efficiency is creating tangible results - Taylor went from inheriting a cold portfolio of 90 prospects with $100,000 of proposals, to managing an active portfolio of 150+ donors with over $600,000 in proposals added in less than one year putting him on track for over $1 Million in proposals even during one of the most volatile years in human history.

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    Gravyty is changing the way fundraisers can do their jobs. Challenge the way your organization thinks about how you measure fundraiser efficiency and see what is possible with Gravyty.

    Ready to see how these results translate to gifts and a more robust giving pipeline? Read more on Taylor's story in Forbes.

    How Can Fundraisers Find Focus In The New Year?

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