By Drew Fox Jordan • October 15, 2020

    How Can A Donor's Birthday Become A Personal Touchpoint?

    Every fundraiser knows that personalization is the key to effective fundraising. Personal relationships don’t come from generic messages - they are built through meaningful and thoughtful touchpoints that show the donor that they are more than just a name in a database. But, personalization means actually using the data you have to craft outreach that strikes a chord with the donor. Too much data can create an analysis paralysis for fundraisers. The key is knowing where to start.

    There is one thing that all your donors have in common: they have a birthday. No matter how much or how little data you have on a donor, every donor has a birthday. Of course, this doesn’t provide insight into their giving history, affinities, or other key pieces of information that could inform outreach. But a birthday does provide a perfect opportunity to start a conversation from scratch without needing an abundance of data.

    How Can A Donor's Birthday Become A Personal Touchpoint?

    But you are likely unaware that a donor has an upcoming birthday, unless you’ve painstakingly made note of your entire donor and prospect portfolios on your personal calendar. To do that, you still have to comb through the CRM to find upcoming birthdays, spending valuable time trying to find the data to use to inform outreach. Rather than using birthdays to establish personal touchpoints with new donors/prospects, it’s more likely that you only have the capacity to reinforce existing relationships with a personal note.

    Birthdays may seem like such a small point to emphasize. However, in reality they’ve proven to be gift accelerators for so many Gravyty users.

    donor birthdays and follow up

    For example, one fundraiser used Gravyty Guide to personally wish every donor in her portfolio a happy birthday. Then, this fundraiser took it a step further, doing the same with every mid-level donor and top-prospect in her auxiliary portfolios. Before COVID, this led to a steady stream of coffee meetings, gift renewals, and inspiring new giving. During COVID, it’s led to virtual meetings -- and more than once -- generating brand new major gift donors. The connection through a personal birthday greeting was the catalyst for a deeper relationship and a major gift.

    Gravyty Guide tips fundraisers off to insights within their portfolios, identifying timely connections and suggesting meaningful outreach -- from birthdays, and more. Rather than seeking this data in the CRM themselves, with Gravyty Guide, all a gift officer needs to do is check their email. What’s more, is Gravyty’s AI tools craft a First Draft of that message for the fundraiser to edit and send -- a process that can take less than a minute.

    Because Gravyty makes personalization at scale a reality, fundraisers no longer struggle with the tedious tasks that prevent them from increasing the number of conversations they are having with donors. They gain the capacity to have a personal touchpoint with hundreds, possibly even thousands, of new major giving prospects and other donors who would have never otherwise receive personalized outreach. This approach has empowered fundraising teams to secure more visits, qualify more donors, and increase giving.

    To learn more about Gravyty Guide and Gravyty’s entire suite of fundraiser enablement tools powered by AI, request a demo.

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