By Drew Fox Jordan • October 10, 2019

    How AI-enabled Stewardship Inspires Major Gifts

    Organizations have the best intentions to thank each and every donor with a personalized thank-you for gifts. But sheer numbers alone make this a difficult task. By combining the art and science of fundraising, Gravyty helps organizations manage stewardship in ways never thought possible before and find amazing, and often unexpected, outcomes with donors.


    Northern Kentucky University's Director of Annual Giving, Jodi Zerbe, uses Gravyty Stewardship to send timely and personalized thank you notes to donors of all sizes and capacities. Our new case study details how Jodi was able to use Gravyty's AI-enabled Stewardship tool to thank a donor for their $100 donation, which led to a discussion about giving a larger gift in the form of a six-figure planned gift and the creation of a new scholarship.

    Jenny Alstad, Director of Annual Giving Programs at The College of Charleston, used Gravyty Stewardship to express personalized gratitude for a $100 gift, which, before Gravyty, could have flown under her radar. Using Gravyty's AI-enabled Stewardship tool, Jenny was able to thank the donor for their gift, prompting a discussion with the donor saying they were ready to make a larger donation in the form of a new scholarship being created for the school.


    Stewardship is an incredibly important element in the gift-giving process, but the act of properly stewarding donors and gifts is a recognizable struggle across the fundraising industry. Fundraiser enablement tools, powered by AI, make stewardship easier and more personalized, leading to better relationships with your donors.

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