By Drew Fox Jordan • March 17, 2022

    Gravyty's Top Sessions to Attend at CASE District VIII: Reimagine

    Gravyty is proud to return to this year's CASE District VIII Annual Conference: Reimagine. We are excited to return to in-person events and get the chance to connect with fundraising professionals face-to-face once more. 

    Gravyty's Top Sessions to Attend at CASE District VIII: Reimagine

    This year's event looks to offers a variety of speaker sessions and workshops across topics in advancement services, alumni relations, development, communications and marketing, and professional development within higher education.

    Gravyty's own Lisa Alvezi will be featured as a presenter alongside Sherri Mylott from the University of La Verne for this year's conference as well. Make sure to check out her session on Wednesday, March 30 at 4:00 pm PT:

    Building Infrastructure & Growing Gift Officer Capacity With a Smaller Team

    It’s 2022. Our advancement shops look similar to the way they did in 2019, but under the hood, they operate quite differently. Many shops have fewer gift officers supporting the institution’s philanthropic mission. Rather than lamenting the loss, leaders like Sherri Mylott and her team at the University of La Verne have reenvisioned how smaller teams can commit to infrastructure and grow gift officer capacity so fundraising outcomes meet revenue expectations.

    In this session, Sherri Mylott and Lisa Alvezi will examine how La Verne has grown fundraiser capacity with a smaller team and is laying the groundwork for the university’s advancement strategy for decades to come. Come learn how Sherri and her team at La Verne are cracking the code to:

    • Managing all existing portfolios with 100% saturation
    • Making sure portfolios of prior gift officers are managed and the donors within are engaged
    • Expanding beyond the group of current managed donors to build the mid-level and future major giving pipeline

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    Here are a couple of sessions from this year's lineup that we have our eyes on ahead of the conference:

    Recent Alumni Engagement: Using Survey Data to Inform Your Strategies 

    Recent alumni engagement is critical to keeping this key group engaged with their alma mater. In this session, we'll share results of our national survey on how recent alumni expect to engage and discuss the link between involvement in student organizations and engagement after graduation. We'll then share examples of how Whitworth University engages students while on campus and connects with recent graduates to foster and grow their engagement and support. Participants will leave this session with data to inform their strategies and ideas of next steps to grow recent alumni engagement.

    How to Level Up Your Giving Day 

    Your giving day just broke another record. Time to do it again. So, what’s next? How do you amplify engagement and excitement for something we’re all doing every year? Join us for this discussion of how to “level up” your giving day with things like social engagement, new giving methods, multi-tiered challenges, competitions, and elite-level volunteers to keep excitement high. We will also share key pivots and changes institutions made during the pandemic- and what worked. Then, take a look at data on over $500M in results across higher education to see key benchmarks, metrics, and new tactics as you take your giving day to the next level.

    Touch Points: Engaging Alumni Throughout their Lifetime

    While each student experience can have similarities, no two are exactly the same. These experiences shape a student’s perception of the value they received from their college experience and will influence their life-long engagement and connection with their alma mater. Student experiences do not begin when a student moves into the residence hall prior to their first semester, they begin when a student first hears about the institution, continue through the recruitment process, through their time in school, and then ultimately up to their graduation where the emphasis then shifts to the alumni experience.

    Future alumni engagement may be able to be calculated by the summation of the student experience and how engaged a student was during their student experience. Based on my understanding of the student experience, I created the Alumni Engagement Timeline. This is a visual representation of the different phases an individual goes through in connection with a college or university from beginning to end and the ways in which alumni relations offices can get involved and be a part of the student experience before and after a student graduates.

    Discover the Next: A Guide for the value of Higher Education Conversation

    In an era of declining trust in big societal institutions, higher education is no exception – and you, as an advancement professional used to interacting with external audiences, are well-positioned as a countervailing force to this current negativity. CASE’s Discover the Next campaign builds off local successes and highlights research-tested approaches to showing the value of higher education through individual achievement, economic impact, innovation and scientific progress, and cultural vitality. Learn what tools and resources are available to help your institution connect with all stakeholders, from prospective students to alumni to community leaders.

    Education as a path to empowerment and transformative leadership

    In a world urgently searching for change, how do we unlock individual and institutional potential to drive the transformative leadership required to better our societies? In this inspiring conference closer, international speaker and author Samra Zafar will delve into the important and powerful role of transformation in leadership. On the personal level, Zafar will explore how presenting ourselves authentically, instead of perfectly, can free ourselves from judgment; foster trust, connections, and resilience; and uplift ourselves as leaders. In addressing higher education in today’s ever-evolving world, Zafar will use her own story to illustrate how education can empower people from all walks of life to be agents of change for a more equitable and responsible world.

    Gravyty is thrilled for the opportunity to help bring you this year's conference, and look forward to seeing you there!

    Learn more about Gravyty and how we serve CASE District VIII. Set up a virtual conference meeting with us today:


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