By Drew Fox Jordan • February 21, 2022

    Gravyty's Top Sessions to Attend at CASE District I: Renew

    Gravyty is proud to return to this year's CASE District I Annual Conference. We are excited to return to in-person events and get the chance to connect with fundraising professionals face-to-face once more. 

    Gravyty's Top Sessions to Attend at CASE District I: Renew

    This year's event looks to offers a variety of speaker sessions and workshops across topics in advancement services, alumni relations, development, communications and marketing, and professional development within higher education.

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    Here are a couple of sessions from this year's lineup that we have our eyes on ahead of the conference:

    Personal Branding: 5 Tips for Success at Work

    Are you a team player or a lone wolf? A problem solver or a problem child? These descriptors and more comprise your personal brand, and it’s up to you to intentionally create and maintain it. Your personal brand reflects what you’re known for (or would like to be known for) at work. In this session, you will learn the style and substance of personal branding, ways you can strengthen it, and pitfalls to avoid. As they say, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” so you also will learn how to solicit candid feedback from your colleagues and supervisor about your personal brand. Participants will leave with both long and short-term personal branding strategies that can be implemented at the conference and beyond.

    Discover the Next: A Guide for the Value of Higher Education Conversation

    In an era of declining trust in big societal institutions, higher education is no exception – and you, as an advancement professional used to interacting with external audiences, are well-positioned as a countervailing force to this current negativity. CASE’s Discover the Next campaign builds off local successes and highlights research-tested approaches to showing the value of higher education through individual achievement, economic impact, innovation & scientific progress, and cultural vitality. Learn what tools and resources are available to help your institution connect with all stakeholders, from prospective students to alumni to community leaders.

    Mindfulness for Advancement Professionals: How to Be Happier, Work Fewer Hours, and Get More Done

    As fundraisers, we never have enough time. From one meeting to the next, this donor to that donor, managing internal and external stakeholders, we never seem to be able to get fully organized or just take a deep breath and leave work without feeling stressed.

    That’s where Mindfulness enters the picture. It’s a trendy concept these days and may sound a little “woo woo” at first, but we guarantee that by applying these basic principles to your work as a fundraiser, you will be more efficient, more organized, happier, and some days you may even be able to close those tabs and leave work at 5 PM!

    In this session, we will introduce the concept of Mindfulness at a high level, then dive right into practical, concrete examples of how to easily, immediately incorporate Mindfulness into your life. Let us show you what has worked for our office, guide you through a brief group meditation, and provide a menu of easily-digestible next steps for you to consider.

    Philanthropy Forums: Engaging for your top prospects

    Looking for a new way to engage your most highly rated current and prospective donors? During the pandemic, Smith College established a series of “Philanthropy Forums” aimed at keeping its most high-net-worth alums engaged. Learn how Principal Giving and Planned Giving partnered to create a series of intimate discussions on subject matter that addressed the unique issues, challenges, and opportunities presented to families with great financial and philanthropic means. The Forums served as an extension of previously held in-person gatherings, yet the pandemic required a pivot in strategy to a remote format. We will discuss what we learned along with our thoughts on both the in-person and virtual formats. Considerable time will be saved for questions and group discussion.

    Seeing the Future: How is the Advancement field evolving? What lies ahead?

    CASE President and CEO Sue Cunningham will lead a discussion with senior District I advancement leaders and engage in conversation about how they have led their teams and institutions since we were last together. In particular, the conversation will explore the momentum they are experiencing now, how they have kept their teams resilient and inspired over difficult times, and their efforts to build and sustain change through renewed calls for social justice at our institutions and beyond.

    Retention in Times of Cultural Change

    Please join Boston University's Strategic Talent Management team in an interactive discussion about new and different initiatives designed to retain a high-performing team amid changing times and evolving employee expectations. During the session, we will discuss career paths, individual development plans, onboarding, and fostering a sense of community and belonging with your staff.

    Gravyty is thrilled for the opportunity to help bring you this year's conference, and look forward to seeing you there!

    Learn more about Gravyty and how we serve CASE District I. Set up a virtual conference meeting with us today:


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