By Drew Fox Jordan • March 15, 2022

    Gravyty's Top Sessions to Attend at AFPMA's Fundraising Day in Boston

    Gravyty is proud to return to AFPMA's Fundraising Day in Boston as a presenting sponsor. We are excited to return to in-person events and get the chance to connect with fundraising professionals face-to-face once more. 

    Gravyty's Top Sessions to Attend at AFPMA's Fundraising Day in BostonThis year's event looks to offers a variety of speaker sessions and workshops that empower individuals and organizations to practice ethical fundraising through professional education, networking, research, and advocacy.

    Gravyty's own Kat McCarron will be featured as a presenter for this year's conference as well. Make sure to check out her session at 9:00 am ET:

    Annual, Mid-Level, and Major Giving: How to Fill the Philanthropic Pipeline

    This session will explore ways to build the donor pipeline starting from the ground up. From the way fundraisers engage with annual fund donors to growing mid-level giving and ultimately securing major gifts for your organization. We’ll look at how special campaigns like days of giving and Giving Tuesday can lay a great foundation for donor growth by uncovering giving passions, and how important stewardship is at all levels. Better understand who to reach out to and how communication to all donors will lead to increased participation and increased giving!

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    Here are a couple of sessions from this year's lineup that we have our eyes on ahead of the conference:

    When You Can’t Do It All: Prioritizing in a Small Shop

    The work of your small fundraising operation literally determines whether your organization will thrive or cease operations. In such an environment, is it possible to plan strategically? How do you decide if a new fundraising idea is worth pursuing? How do you jettison fundraising efforts that are failing to perform but have strong political support internally? How do you avoid personal and team burnout? Melissa Cording, Director of Development at Bridge Over Troubled Waters, will conduct a highly interactive session in which participants will learn from Melissa and each other how small, high-performing fundraising operations can navigate issues like these to succeed.

    Making the Ask: A Primer on Major Gift Fundraising

    If you are new to major gift fundraising, the process of moving from cultivation to making a formal ask for money can be intimidating. Ask too soon, and you risk getting a “no”, or less than you believe the donor can give. Wait too long, and the donor may preempt you by writing a check for less than you hoped to raise. In this session, a veteran fundraiser will explain the ins and outs of knowing when to ask, how much to ask for, and how to make the ask. Great for experienced askers as well, to brush up their skills and review the basics of this most fundamental of all skills in fundraising.

    Launching a Capital Campaign Amid Uncertainty

    Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute were well into the quiet phases of their capital campaigns when Covid emerged. They pushed forward, launching public phases for campaigns of $2 Billion (Dana-Farber) and $3 Billion (MGH) in 2021. Hear from two veteran fundraising leaders as they discuss the valuable lessons they learned about launching big fundraising campaigns amid uncertainty, and how those lessons may be used by other organizations of any size in the future.

    The Future of Philanthropy: How and Why Younger Generations Give

    Generational trends have much to tell us about how society’s younger members choose to operate, communicate, save, and give. This presentation will discuss the charitable attitudes of our youngest generations (specifically those age 20-40), explore how and why they share their wealth, and examine the impact collective and individual identities have on philanthropic behaviors. Through real world examples, we will identify concrete strategies to successfully engage our youngest donors and ensure our asks remain relevant and capable of captivating the attention of this important audience.

    Gravyty is thrilled for the opportunity to help bring you this year's conference, and look forward to seeing you there!

    Learn more about Gravyty and how we serve the AFPMA community. Set up a virtual conference meeting with us today:


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