By Drew Fox Jordan • December 13, 2021

    Gravyty's Top Resources 2021, Part 1: Toolkits, Playbooks, & Reports

    In 2021, fundraisers continued to rise to the occasion and serve their communities in the face of adversity like never before. Here at Gravyty, we are proud to serve the philanthropic community in its effort to create positive change.

    Over the course of the year, the Gravyty team was able to offer a number of world-class resources to help fundraisers improve their craft so they can raise more dollars towards the causes they believe in. To help celebrate all the amazing resources fundraisers can use, we've compiled some of our best for you all in one place. This week, we are sharing our top toolkits, playbooks, and reports for you to read up on industry trends, best practices, and tangible strategies to tackle 2022 head-on. 

    Check them out!

    Fundraising Playbook: Mid-Level Giving

    With our Mid-Level Giving Playbook, we’ll help you map out the best approaches to engaging your mid-level donors to ensure that their impact, as well as your fundraising team’s time and energy, remains a strategic priority.

    Mid-Level Giving Playbook



    Fundraising Toolkit: Donor Retention

    You’ve most likely heard the fundamental notion that it is less expensive to maintain the donors that you have than to acquire new ones. Our toolkit can help you do just that. Read on for more tips and solutions to help you engage with your donors and ensure they keep coming back.

    Donor Retention Toolkit


    Fundraising Playbook: Attracting & Retaining Fundraising Talent

    Nonprofit leaders must be prepared to address staffing issues without sacrificing the efficacy of their organization. This guide will help you tackle your fundraiser hiring and retention challenges with a focus on success in both the short and long term.

    Attracting and Retaining Fundraising Talent Playbook


    Fundraising Toolkit: Reprioritizing A Fundraiser's Time

    Finding spare time to engage new donors doesn’t involve working longer hours - it comes down to making sure gift officers are spending their time working on the right things and getting the most out of their day.



    Special Report: Fundraiser Onboarding

    Can we fundamentally change new fundraiser onboarding to secure funding for the work we do in our communities? That's what we examine in this Gravyty Special Report.

    Gravyty Special Report Fundraising Onboarding



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