By Drew Fox Jordan • August 4, 2020

    Gravyty Shortlisted for 2020 SaaS Awards

    We are excited to announce that the SaaS Awards has shortlisted Gravyty as a finalist for 2020! As the first artificial intelligence (AI) company focused solely on social good, this recognition for the “Best SaaS for Nonprofits and Education” is an honor and a powerful proof point that verticalized AI can change the world.

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    At Gravyty, our goal is to transform philanthropy to produce the next cure, serve our most vulnerable populations, expand cultural and educational opportunities for all, and so much more. We couldn’t agree more with James Williams, head of operations for the SaaS Awards, who said, “Software-as-a-service’s force for positive disruption never seems to abate. This year is of course a special case, with SaaS not only at the forefront of remodeling existing business processes, but also agilely responding with pioneering solutions to unavoidable global disruptions.”

    Rich Palmer, Gravyty co-founder and CTO, said: “To make the SaaS Awards shortlist is an honor and a testament to the power of using digital transformation to elevate traditional operating models. After spending much of my career on Wall Street and health care, the tools we took for granted to succeed in the for-profit sector have been out of reach of nonprofits for far too long. When, in fact, the term “artificial intelligence” came out of a symposium funded by a philanthropic grant -- and now, AI is in a position to return the favor and bring philanthropy into a new age. It’s a privilege to be on the front lines.”

    To learn more about what Gravyty’s award-winning AI SaaS tools do for nonprofit organizations, check out a recent customer testimonial from Good Shepherd Food Bank of Maine.

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