By Courtney Peterson • August 9, 2019

    Gravyty Intern Spotlight: Courtney Peterson

    This post was written by Courtney Peterson, a rising senior at Boston College who served as a Gravyty intern.

    This summer I had the good fortune of interning at Gravyty, a Boston-based provider of AI fundraiser enablement tools, as a UX Engineer.

    Courtney Peterson, Gravyty InternIt has been both an unforgettable and educational experience here at Gravyty. Since the company is a startup, I saw that the design and programming work that I did made a difference. For a student entering the workplace, the opportunity to significantly contribute is incredibly important, and not the type of experience I could gain at a large corporation. I had the perfect combination of freedom and guidance when designing and implementing various Gravyty site pages and products.

    I worked directly under Jona Ferreira, the head UI/UX designer and developer, and also had direct access to co-founder and CTO, Rich Palmer. At various points throughout my internship, I also contributed to the larger tech team, Customer Success and Marketing.

    Throughout my nine weeks at Gravyty I redesigned and developed more than five different public-facing pages for the website, learning a huge amount throughout the process. My understanding of the front-end languages improved drastically, and I learned how to make database-driven websites through Django. With Jona’s guidance I not only learned many basic UX principles, but also implemented them in my own designs. This was all amidst amazing growth at Gravyty – including the largest sales and marketing quarter on record.

    Example of Django

    Gravyty also encouraged a strong mentor-mentee relationship. I had lunches with many of Gravyty’s senior and executive team members to learn about career paths -- both in tech-based roles and otherwise. These lunches were also opportunities for me to understand the company as a whole. I found that all members of the Gravyty team were open to answering my questions, wether they centered on my work or their own. These were also the people who assisted me along the way. I also had access to weekly meetings, live demos, and customer meetings to understand Gravyty’s AI product and how it helps nonprofit, higher ed, and healthcare organizations.

    I was fortunate to have the opportunity to meet and work with such a talented, supportive, and friendly team at Gravyty. This internship will always remain a huge milestone in my career path and I look forward to seeing Gravyty’s growing impact!

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