By Kevin Leahy • October 24, 2018

    Gravyty & Gravyty Stewardship Featured in Successful Fundraising

    Gravyty's newest offering, Gravyty Stewardship was recently featured in the monthly newsletter, Successful Fundraising.

    In her article Megan Venzin noted:

    Even though Stewardship is one of Gravyty’s newest products, it has quickly gained traction with early adopters. “Gravyty’s stewardship tool provides insights to our fundraising team for effective additional touch points with our donors,” said President and CEO of Cure Alzheimer’s Fund Tim Armour. “In the two years since we implemented the tool, we have experienced productivity increases that would not have happened without Gravyty.”
    Any nonprofit that utilizes a CRM with an assigned donor pool could benefit from exploring Gravyty’s AI-centric suite.

    For the full article, go here.

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