By Kevin Leahy • April 30, 2019

    Gravyty Featured in NonProfit Pro as #1 Artificial Intelligence Tool Your Nonprofit Must Explore—Now

    In his recent NonProfit Pro article, Wayne Elsey brought Gravyty to the top of his list of "Artificial Intelligence Tools Your Nonprofit Must Explore–Now."

    As Wayne explains in his article, AI and machine learning have unprecedented opportunities to improve the way fundraising and fundraisers work. In his own words (emphasis is ours):Wayne Elsey

    Artificial Intelligence Changing the Fundraising Landscape
    Nonprofits, even the small ones with limited resources, can use AI to analyze their data and help fundraisers achieve greater fundraising success. AI can spot trends, giving patterns and make specific asks targeted to individual donors that, until the modern era, was done by segmentation and couldn't go as deep or broad as with AI...
    With the massive abilities of AI, there are several tools on the market that fundraisers can look toward to help them take fundraising to a level that has never existed before the digital age....
    1. Gravyty: In 2017, The Chronicle of Philanthropy called the company the “new fundraising idea that worked.” The tool provided Cure Alzheimer's Fund with an increase of 49 percent in revenue and a 5 percent increase in donor retention. The platform can be integrated with CRMs, such as Salesforce or Blackbaud, and one of its key features is its AI ability to create emails targeted to individual donors based on their specific giving patterns. This allows fundraisers to ask at the right point and with the messaging that resonates to each donor.
    With the power of machine self-learning, we can only expect nonprofits that will succeed are those that fully embrace technology. They will have the opportunity to target prospects and ask for support from their donors with such specificity that they will only grow to scale. Supporters will come to expect, as in everything else in modern society, a fully-customized donor path that is specific only to them and no one else.

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    To read the full article, visit NonProfit Pro here.


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