By Drew Fox Jordan • February 2, 2021

    Gravyty Featured As Platinum Sponsor At CASE All Districts Conference

    Gravyty is proud to be featured as a Platinum Sponsor and bring together advancement professionals throughout the county looking to drive innovation. CASE leadership is taking amazing strides to change the way conferences look. For the first time ever, all CASE districts will come together for this year's 100 percent virtual event.

    Meet Gravyty At CASE 2021 All Districts Conference

    In honor of the conference, Gravyty's Lisa Alvezi and Marijana Radić Boone are hosting a special 45-minute presentation, designed to help advancement leaders #MeetTheMoment and put strategies into action to accelerate giving in today's world. Join us for this can't miss session on Wednesday, February 17 at 11:00 am ET.

    Untitled presentationMore than 45 educational sessions will cover every aspect of fundraising: annual fund, planned giving, foundation and corporate fundraising, major gifts, capital campaigns, and more.

    In addition to our own, we are looking forward to hearing some of the amazing sessions planned for this year, most notably:

    Inside the Journey and Results of Implementing and Adopting Artificial Intelligence

    This session provides candid lessons and practical tactics surrounding the implementation of Artificial Intelligence across the entire giving pipeline. Set against the backdrop of implementing A.I. at The Oregon State University Foundation, the vendor and project champion take you along the journey of actual implementation, the successes, failures and results will provide a step to step guide to implementing Artificial Intelligence. No hype, no pitch, and no marketing fluff. This session is perfect for those interested in leading transformational data-driven change at their organization.

    Creating and Sustaining a Culture of Philanthropy

    As a thought leader in Advancement, CASE and the California State University system conducted a groundbreaking study on campus cultures of philanthropy. The research revealed the four most important factors in a robust fundraising program, what activities make for a high performing development program, and what campus and volunteer leaders can do to transform campus cultures into high performing programs. You will learn how to tell if your institution has a robust culture of philanthropy, the four primary factors in fundraising success; and the characteristics of a high performing fundraising program.

    Metrics for Success: Creating a University-Wide Stewardship Plan

    Stewardship is key to nurturing and growing relationships with donors and has a direct impact on future giving. How do we know if we are successfully stewarding donors throughout the University? What are the integral measurements to assess donor stewardship efforts? How do we quantify successful stewardship for our institution? Which metrics matter most and how do we track them? Presenters will share Penn State’s process for creating and implementing a University-wide stewardship plan, key metrics for success, and how the plan guides foundational stewardship at the unit level.

    Marshaling Your Resources: Leveraging Key Advocates and Building an Advancement Board & Board Building and Leading with Purpose

    Join us for a practical hands-on session and answer the questions: “Why start an advancement board? Will it be worth the work/time?” Presenters will share experiences from three institutions, offering real-life examples of how to create a board or re-energize an existing one. Most often, boards are composed of volunteers eager to help — but without the proper structure, guiding documents, and positive collaborative partnership, a board can become rudderless. Learn how you can activate your board, create internal buy-in, set expectations to ensure success, and create shared sense of purpose within your institution Plus, hear success stories (and some potential pitfalls)!

    Fundraising Storytelling: Data Analytics and Visualizations in Advancement Services

    Advancement services professionals should be focused on: 1) Gathering data about constituents; 2) Measuring effectiveness and impact of fundraising efforts; 3) Leveraging technology to improve processes and insights; 4) Getting information into the hands of those who need it most. This "big picture" thinking creates context and outcomes that people may be drawn to. This clarity means every decision you make and every action you take can be measured to show how it impacts the organization. In this session, attendees will get an idea of identifying and/or implementing KPIs for data analytics that lead to dynamic interactive visualizations.

    Seven Commitments to Highly Effective Data Management

    The pandemic taught us the importance of hygiene/cleansing for our overall health and well-being. The same applies to our data. This session will discuss how to apply the seven commitments of effective data management (Teaching and Training, Data standardization and governance, Alignment and partnerships, Regular data audits, Data enrichment, Digitization, and Automation) regardless of the size of the institution. Attendees will learn how to prioritize and enhance data hygiene, learn how to identify opportunities for process efficiencies, and learn the importance of data governance, training, and compliance.

    Fundraising for Financial Access: A Fresh Formula to Inspire Urgency in Your Campaign

    As educators commit to integral diversity, equity, and inclusion work, institutions commit to providing financial access never before available. But common fundraising mistakes like focusing on the need rather than the urgency and not thinking deeply about what will inspire donors results in missed opportunities. A panel will share case studies from San Francisco Day School, Stanford Humanities Center, and Georgetown Preparatory School—all of which prioritized diversity, equity, and inclusion in their campaigns—demonstrating strategies that achieved their goals through disciplined use of a powerful communications strategy. Learn how to stoke donor support that gets this critical work accomplished.

    Advancing Engagement: A Model for Portfolios for Alumni Engagement Professionals

    Alumni Relations plays a meaningful role in identifying, engaging, soliciting and stewarding donors to our institutions. Learn about the Michigan State University Alumni Office's migration to portfolios for Alumni Engagement Directors and the positive influences portfolios are having on time management, focused outreach, diversity & inclusion efforts, organizational collaboration, data collection and fundraising.

    Building a Digital Gift Officer Program

    The rise of the digital gift officers has been underway before the pandemic and the emphasis on digital engagement. Gift officers who work with mid-level donors are confronted with the dilemma of scale. The portfolio-based approach that is so successful for major gift officers falls short of addressing the challenges and opportunities leadership level gift officers face working with substantially larger pools of donors. The digital gift officer is creating new pathways to personal communication and relationship building among our mid-level donors as well as improving what we know and how we respond to donor needs and preferences.

    The Science of Including Faculty in Your Alumni Engagement Events

    “Lifelong Learning” has long been a buzzword in Alumni Relations. We know there is power in leveraging faculty members to reengage graduates, but it’s not always an easy – or realistic – feat. This session will explore how Butler’s Alumni Relations department teamed up with two chemistry professors to organize and execute the popular “Science of” event series, a program which took home CASE V Gold Awards in two categories in 2019.

    No matter what district you represent, Gravyty is looking forward to meeting you at this year's conference!

    Want to learn more about Gravyty's sponsorship? Set up a meeting with a Gravyty specialist to learn about how AI is transforming how nonprofits fundraise.

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