By Drew Fox Jordan • December 31, 2020

    Gravyty Customers Raise $388.8M on Gravyty's AI Platform in 2020


    What difference did artificial intelligence (AI) make for fundraisers in 2020? AI made a $388.8 Million dollar difference for fundraising in 2020 with Gravyty AI fundraiser enablement. Looking back on 2020, nonprofit fundraisers transformed what's possible in fundraising with the most cutting edge nonprofit technology - Gravyty AI. That's $388.8 million in gifts secured through Gravyty prompts, 92.7K donor interactions through Gravyty First Draft, 195.2K gifts and pledges secured with Gravyty, 13.9K first-time donors inspired to give via Gravyty, and $84 million in gifts secured from first-time donors with Gravyty.

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