By Drew Fox Jordan • December 31, 2019

    Gravyty Customer Success - The Greatest Hits of 2019

    Customer successes are truly Gravyty’s ‘Greatest Hits.’ In 2019, more and more organizations saw success with the help of Gravyty’s fundraiser enablement tools, powered by artificial intelligence (AI). With so much to celebrate this year, we've compiled this ‘Greatest Hits’ list of the best from the year gone by, in no particular order.

    College of Charleston Expands Workforce by 2.6x, Secures 400+ New Gifts, and $880,000 in Additional Revenue with Gravyty

    College of Charleston Case Study

    Gravyty first reported on CofC’s use of fundraiser enablement, powered by AI, in early 2019 when we announced that our tools expanded the institution’s fundraising workforce by 2.6x. We sat down with CofC fundraisers again to learn how they used that expanded workforce, and Gravyty, to secure 400+ new gifts, $880,000 in additional revenue, and more, in 10 months.

    Cure Alzheimer's Fund Managed 20,000+ Donors, Secured 69 New Major Gifts, and Increased Revenue by $1.2m with Gravyty

    Cure Alzheimer's Fund Case Study Video

    Cure Alzheimer's Fund used Gravyty's fundraiser enablement tools, powered by AI to manage 20,000+ donors, secure 69 new major gifts in the fiscal year, and increase revenue by $1.2m -- all on the mission to provide research grants to provide breakthroughs to solve Alzheimer's. Read the full case study to learn how this is possible.

    Super-User - John A. Farkas, Jr. of VIA Public Media Fundraiser Spotlight

    John A. Farkas, Jr. of WVIA Public Media

    John A. Farkas, Jr. uses Gravyty to personalize touchpoints with enormous amounts of donors every given week. He showed us a day in the life of AI-enabled fundraising, using Gravyty's fundraiser enablement tools, powered by AI. See how he grows the major donor pipeline for the future and inspire major gifts today for VIA Public Media.

    Northern Kentucky University Closed Hundreds of New Gifts and Managed 1,600+ Previously Unassigned Donors

    NKU Secures 6-Figure Gift

    Northern Kentucky University deployed Gravyty's fundraiser enablement tools powered by AI to see continued success with its current campaign, "Further, Faster: The Campaign for NKU." This is was especially important, as Gravyty helped the institution "hit above its weight" in a highly competitive region for donor dollars. See how Gravyty has helped NKU be competitive, build pipeline between annual and major gifts, secure hundreds of new gifts, and manage 1,600+ previously unassigned donors.

    Taylor Buxbaum of Arkansas State University Double Meetings and Sets New Productivity Highs with Gravyty

    Taylor Buxbaum of Arkansas State University: Fundraiser Spotlight

    Taylor Buxbaum from Arkansas State University is a frontline fundraiser who embraced AI-enabled fundraising in his daily life. We sat down with him to learn how his quick adoption of Gravyty led to doubling his meetings with donors, more productivity and a larger impact on his organization.

    The Pittsburgh Foundation Revolutionized How Its Fundraisers Could Meet Donors

    Pittsburgh Foundation Uses Gravyty & AI to Revolutionize How Fundraisers Meet Donors

    The Pittsburgh Foundation is one of the nation’s oldest community foundations, but it is certainly open to embracing new technology. Through Gravyty’s fundraiser enablement tools, powered by AI, the Pittsburgh Foundation saw an opportunity to revolutionize how its fundraisers could meet donors. With more than 2,000 individual donor funds and assets of more than $1.2 billion, a team of four individuals manages 1,700 donors. Learn how this team uses Gravyty to meet new donors and keep existing relationships fresh.

    Arkansas State University Continued To Inspire Donors, Even Amidst a CRM Change

    Arkansas State University -- Staying Productive During a CRM Change

    Many organizations, at one time or another, consider changing or upgrading the CRM they use to manage their donor database. In fact, perhaps your organization is going through a CRM change right now. What does this mean for productivity?

    Lucky for Gravyty customers, a CRM transition means very little with regards to donor outreach and building relationships. Not only do Gravyty users remain up and running throughout CRM transitions, but they also thrive. Learn how Arkansas State University (A-State) transitioned from Ellucian Banner to Raiser’s Edge NXT, without any interruption in fundraiser activity.

    The University of Delaware Expands Development Workforce by 1.5x

    University of Delaware Expands Workforce by 1.5x with Gravyty, AI

    The University of Delaware chose Gravyty’s AI-enabled fundraising tools to improve a Development Office that was already exceeding annual goals. With AI and an easy to adopt tool, the historic institution’s staff of 20 full-time fundraisers quickly set a pace to operate as a staff of 50 – expanding its workforce by 1.5x.

    Here's to even more "hits" in 2020! To learn more about AI and tools that support the development of a culture of philanthropy in ways never before thought possible, contact us here!

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