By Drew Fox Jordan • October 31, 2019

    Gravyty CEO Adam Martel Featured at Capital One’s Reimagine Communities Summit

    Gravyty co-founder and CEO Adam Martel recently presented on “AI/ML is the New Normal" at the Reimagine Communities Summit in Dallas, hosted by our great partners at Capital One. Martel was joined by good friend Arjun Dugal, CTO of Capital One Financial Services, Kate Knight, Director of Innovation & Nonprofit Success at United Way of Metropolitan Dallas, Robert Mundinger, Founder of TheMap.net, and Katie Krummeck, Educational Designer & Facilitator.

    Cap One Writeup

    The Dallas Business Journal's Ollie Chandhok moderated the event and this presentation in a recent article. which included quotes from all members of the panel.

    Arjun spoke to what sort of helpful disruptors are on tap now or in the near future that are helping to reshape the cities that we live in: "We are standing on this doorstep of one of the most powerful revolutions in the history of mankind, our fourth industrial revolution, which is AI and machine learning…we have leveraged machine learning and artificial intelligence to enhance our customer experiences, to transform and train our gifted associates, and now we are on this mission to apply the benefits of this revolution more broadly."

    Adam spoke to the potential impact of AI on businesses, the community, and our daily lives: “When you get into the non-profit space, and the for-profit space, it’s not so much about money. It’s about the impact, time, effort, energy, and about how much you are willing to put in."

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    Presenters were also invited to participate on a final panel highlighting how AI and machine learning, design thinking, data, and innovative technology can empower our communities to make the region an even more vibrant place to live, work, and create.

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    You can read the full article in Dallas Business Journal here.

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