By Reilly Conroy • December 27, 2019

    Gravyty Attends Salesforce ISV Training Conference for Business Partners

    Gravyty recently had the pleasure of attending Salesforce’s Business Enablement Training at its New York City office. The event was an opportunity for Salesforce ISV partners to get together and learn more about what it means to be partnered with Salesforce. From discussing the value of storytelling to learning specific ways that Salesforce ISV partners can collaborate with Salesforce, the 4-hour session covered a lot of ground.

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    Salesforce promises its customers more than just point-solutions, features, and functions - they guarantee digital transformation. In order to accomplish this, Salesforce looks to its partners, like Gravyty, to provide unique solutions to problems that nonprofits face. By collaborating with different companies who specialize in certain areas, Salesforce can promise its customers the absolute best results.

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    Gravyty helps nonprofits, colleges, universities, and hospitals make the most of the donor data they house in Salesforce by making it actionable. And, similar to Salesforce’s promise of digital transformation, we empower our customers to transform fundraising.

    Because Gravyty and Salesforce are united on their missions to help nonprofit organizations change our world, we talked a lot about the importance of storytelling.

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    When I say storytelling, I’m not talking about Old Mother Hubbard, but rather about honing skills to listen to customers’ stories and relaying those insights to others. The value of this exercise is to better understand organizations, people, pain points, challenges, and goals. After all, everyone has a story – sharing these stories allows us to see the nuances, similarities, and outliers that help us empower more change-the-world organizations.

    What I do on a daily basis is help organizations unlock transformative change. Salesforce’s Business Enablement Training was a great reminder that at the core of every transformative solution is a person who once had a challenge. I’m reminded to listen intently to understand personal stories, how those impact the larger organization, and see through the technicalities that often get in the way of a great solution.

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    I look forward to getting to know the great missions of organizations working to change the world and the people who champion that change through storytelling and listening!







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