By Drew Fox Jordan • January 27, 2021

    Gravyty at AFPMA's Fundraising Day in Boston: AI for Nonprofits

    Last year, Gravyty CEO Adam Martel gave the plenary keynote address at AFPMA’s Fundraising Day in Boston. His address was about the importance of innovation in the nonprofit sector, discussing how and why artificial intelligence (AI) empowers us to transform what we previously thought was impossible.

    How transformative can the technologies that make up AI be to the philanthropic sector? Consider this from Kevin McDearis, Chief Product Officer at Blackbaud:

    "Every one percent improvement in fundraising effectiveness makes $2.8 billion available for frontline program work."

    Adam's position is that organizations within the philanthropic sector desperately need to innovate to both deliver on their world-changing missions and to overcome challenges impacting giving at scale.

     In his address, Adam asked:

    "Why does AI matter to philanthropy? Take the work that we do in this room as frontline and development leaders. Our work does not happen in a vacuum and our work doesn't exist for the sole purpose of raising money. We fundraise to cure cancer, stop pediatric deaths, allow students access to resources they didn't otherwise have, and make positive change in our world. But that's not good enough – he have to look beyond and find better ways to do this. There has to be a better way to build relationships that inspire donors more quickly and efficiently. This is important now because we're facing an epidemic, and a few of them in fundraising."

    So how do we accomplish this in the nonprofit sector? Adam suggested 5 Tips to Innovate Now:

    1. Listen
    2. Act
    3. Be Honest with Yourself and Others
    4. Enlist Help
    5. Find a Way to Win


    Adam’s keynote can be viewed in its entirety here:

    Adam Speaking at AFPMA


    Going to AFPMA's Fundraising Week In Boston 2021? Check out how you can connect with the Gravyty team at this year's conference!



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