By Kevin Leahy • July 14, 2020

    Gravyty Announces Technological Breakthrough With Integrated Productivity Tools

    Engagement Alerts, Seamless Writeback, Email Analytics & More

    Today, Gravyty announced a technological breakthrough, triggering fundraiser activities that lead to giving and increasing efficiencies for frontline fundraisers, across the board. Our new integrated productivity tools give fundraisers an amazing lens into donor engagement through engagement alerts, seamless writebacks, and email analytics.

    The best part is that each one of Gravyty’s integrated productivity tools runs automatically in the background, so you and your frontline fundraisers don’t have to change a thing to see the benefits.

    Just imagine the efficiencies gained when you or your fundraisers never have to manually copy and paste a donor email into your donor database, ever again – and know exactly what to do with the time you gained back!

    Engagement Alerts

    With every single email that you send to donors and prospects within a portfolio through Gravyty, frontline fundraisers can now assess if they’re being efficient and effective. Engagement alerts show fundraisers when recipients open, click, and respond to email outreach -- answering some of the most pressing questions:

    • Is this donor or prospect interested in our mission and the organization?
    • Did my email to this donor or prospect hit on the right topic?
    • Did I make the right ask?

    As Gravyty’s AI begins to understand how a frontline fundraiser is interacting with donors and prospects and what the response to that outreach is, our algorithms can help suggest the best messages moving forward.

    Seamless Writeback

    How much time could fundraisers spend in donor-facing activities if they didn’t have to manually write their donor communications back into the CRM or database – or choose which interactions are worthy of logging? With a complete comprehensive writeback of donor communications, Gravyty now captures a fundraiser’s initial email, the response, and that chain moving forward for anyone in your portfolio. Best of all, that email does not have to begin with First Draft or Stewardship – this functionality extends even to inbound emails from donors or prospects.

    This feature was designed from the ground-up because we know that an incredible amount of knowledge is lost when fundraisers transfer in and out of portfolios and jobs throughout their careers, and organizations lose the very insights that inspire giving.

    Email Analytics

    Customers come to Gravyty because they’re looking to sustainably maintain 100 percent portfolio saturation of primary portfolios while building a pipeline by asking their most talented gift officers to also manage discovery portfolios. With Gravyty’s email analytics tool, organizations gain the ability to make strategic decisions for these portfolios -- beyond what research can provide, because it’s based on actual signals being sent by prospects and donors. By making strategic portfolio decisions, based on actual data, organizations can bubble warm prospects to the top of priority lists.

    With email analytics, Gravyty now helps organizations quickly disqualify unengaged prospects so fundraisers can focus their time on real opportunities. For example, if you have a pool of 100 prospects, you’ll be able to look at their open and response rates to gauge whether or not they are engaged. If only 56 percent are opening that email outreach, you’ll be able to replace the remaining 44 percent with other prospects who might respond.

    With these analytics tools, Gravyty also gives frontline fundraisers and managers the ability to assess which activities are the best use of a fundraiser’s time by considering how their days are being structured, how many donor-facing communications they’re having, and if the content they’re using is effective.


    BONUS Features
    As a bonus feature of Gravyty’s email integration tools, we now give fundraisers the ability to use their own rich media email signatures, complete with logos, links, and more.

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