By Arian Radmand and Kevin Leahy • November 8, 2019

    Gravyty and IgnitePost Partner to Bring Artificial Intelligence Into the Physical World Through Robotics & Take Personalized Communication to New Horizons

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) gives us abilities that seem almost superhuman. With relevant data and the right use case, AI makes us humans more efficient and allows us to accomplish more than we’ve ever been able to achieve.

    Gravyty & IgnitePost Announce Partnership

    This is especially true in the fundraising space. As the first and leading provider of AI-enabled fundraising software, Gravyty has proven that with artificial intelligence, fundraisers are able to build and manage relationships at scale, extend the capacity of their workforce, and impact mission-critical activities for nonprofit organizations.

    Gravyty & IgnitePost

    Generally, AI solutions are 100% digital. However, we do not live in a strictly digital world. The physical world cannot be ignored and is often the right way to deliver personalized messages, often through the mail, that recipients can touch and hold.

    That is why we’re thrilled to announce our partnership with IgnitePost, a handwritten mail service that provides personalized, authentic, real pen & ink notes at scale. This partnership is the first to combine AI with Robotics to span the gap from the digital to the physical world. Together, we’re unlocking previously inaccessible abilities that fit directly into the daily needs of frontline fundraisers.

    Through Gravyty and IgnitePost, we’re building a solution that empowers frontline fundraisers to send handwritten Gravyty Stewardship messages direct to donors through the mail, at scale. Never before have AI and Robotics worked together like this in the advancement industry.

    Why does this matter? Let’s take a look at the numbers!
    Proper donor stewardship isn’t only the right thing to do, it builds a donor’s relationship with an organization and often leads to continued (and sometimes unexpected) giving. Finding the right medium for personally thanking a donor for their thoughtful contribution to your organization and cause is critical.

    The average business professional receives 121 emails and sees somewhere between 4,000 to 10,000 digital advertisements per day. Because of this over-saturation, savvy frontline fundraisers and annual fund directors are often looking for ways to ensure that critical communications, such as a personalized and handwritten stewardship note, are both received and appreciated.

    Why does sending real mail to people matter so much? Because it’s ingrained in who we are as humans and how we have evolved over time, just as building relationships with people is engrained in the nature of frontline fundraisers.

    People live in the physical world and thrive on contact and stimulation. Giving, receiving, and handling tangible objects remain deep and intuitive parts of the human experience. Personalized communication at the right time is authentic, receiving personalized handwritten mail at the right time deepens relationships because it only increases that authenticity.

    According to the USPS, the average U.S. household receives a personal letter just once every seven weeks. Capitalizing on this fact can be a powerful motivator.

    This new partnership between Gravyty and IgnitePost now allows fundraisers to preserve authenticity at scale and to deliver more effective, efficient results. We’re thrilled for this partnership moving forward as AI takes its first steps from the digital medium to our physical world.

    This post was written by our great friend and partner, Arian Radmand, CEO & President of IgnitePost.com and Kevin Leahy of Gravyty.

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