By Adam Martel • March 18, 2020

    Fundraising During a Crisis [WEBINAR RECORDING]


    With the spread of COVID-19, we are facing an unprecedented crisis. People are scared, futures are uncertain, and the world is changing minute-by-minute.

    As frontline fundraisers, we find ourselves in a unique position where seven days ago, we were meeting with our donors. We were attending conferences, developing creative gift opportunities that aligned with our donors, and philanthropic desires. We were inspiring donors to support our students, patients, and missions. Over the past seven days, the world has changed everyone: frontline fundraisers, nonprofit organizations, and the millions and millions of people that these organizations serve. The need for fundraising and development and gifts from donors is now real because organizations that serve some of the most vulnerable populations are facing the most uncertain of times. We are proud to be part of this fundraising community.

    As soon as we saw the scope of this crisis, thought leaders from Accordant, Graduway, iWave, Washburn & McGodrick, and Brodeur Partners all raised their hands to say they are here to help in any way possible. They are some of the fundraising industry's best and brightest minds – we are proud to call them both friends and partners.

    We hope this webinar will help guide you as we all navigate these tumultuous times. Our goal is not to communicate that we have this figured out, but rather to make sure our community has excellent options to choose how to move forward with donors and the populations you serve.


    Fundraising During a Crisis Webinar

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