By Adam Martel • April 2, 2020

    Fundraising During a Crisis 2.0 Resources


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    Over the past month, life has changed for all of us, including those who we serve, our donors, and our organizations. We’re in a unique time when we’re dealing with both a health and economic crisis simultaneously. The job of the frontline fundraiser has fundamentally changed during this crisis. We went from being chief solicitors to chief consolers, and really great listeners.

    As frontline fundraisers have expressed an amazing sense of empathy and kindness toward donors, their extraordinary acts of kindness have not stopped there. Fundraisers have taken voluntary pay cuts to ensure hazard pay to their colleagues directly serving the needy at food banks, others have found ways to ensure that one organization’s entire 22,000 donors were personally contacted within two weeks, and others are fundraising from in-home quarantines to ensure the New York hospitals they serve have funds to keep operations going. Donors, too are responding -- giving millions to emergency funds and nonprofit organizations. We’ve seen some of the best of humanity in the last month.

    Two weeks ago, we hosted the first "Fundraising During a Crisis" webinar and heard from experts who reminded us that nobody forgets kindness during times of need, that we cannot go dark on our donors, and that relevant asks are both appropriate and critical to our work.

    In “Fundraising During a Crisis 2.0,” we brought back many of the same panelists to analyze what has changed, what we can do, and how to make sure our actions are both appropriate and beneficial for our communities. Please use the resources as a guide and let us know how we can help you do important and amazing work for your organizations.

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