By Lisa Alvezi • July 31, 2020


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    When you ask your donors and prospect to give, can you request that they join you in giving? Similarly, can you look at your colleagues and know they can say the same?

    If it's your job to inspire giving, then being motivated enough to give yourself is essential. Your participation in your organization's mission shows a commitment that's more than just persuasive.

    Rather than making an ask asking a current donor or prospect to give, it's much more powerful if you can ask, "Will you join me in giving..." Here's why:

    Can You Say 'Join Me'?

    1) "Join Me" is more inspiring than "Please Give."
    When you ask someone to join you, you're asking them to unite causes with one that you adhere to yourself. You imply that a gift is worth your financial contribution and a belief that it is a cause worth spreading.

    2) Impact
    When you ask someone to join you, that is a request that is quickly accompanied by illustrating the direct result of the dollars that you take from your pocket and put into the cause that you are working to grow. On top of that, you can express the feelings of satisfaction, hope, and promise that come with seeing your gift's impact. These personal anecdotes are the building blocks of relationships.

    3) Opportunity to Inspire Major Gifts
    Especially in the nonprofit space, it's incredibly effective when the organization's top management and the board can commit their gifts early in the fiscal year. This equips frontline fundraisers to multiply their "join me" request. "Will you join me, our executive staff, and our entire board in giving this month?" is more specific and travels further than giving from a single fundraiser.

    4) Grants
    If your organization depends on or is seeking grants, you should know that employee participation is a critical question on almost every grant questionnaire. Organizations that score highly on employee participation are more likely to receive grants because this metric also suggests that the workforce believes in the impact of each dollar raised.

    Donating at the major gift level is not an option for many frontline fundraisers. However, it does not take a major gift to ask that others join you. Even if you give $10 to a campaign or commit $5 every month, that is enough to stand behind when you look to inspire others.

    Can you say "join me"?

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