By Drew Fox Jordan • October 17, 2019

    [VIDEO] Fundraiser Spotlight: The Pittsburgh Foundation

    Gravyty recently sat down with The Pittsburgh Foundation's Lindsay Aroesty, Director of Donor Services, Planned Giving Specialist.

    Watch our video to see what she has to say about how Gravyty and fundraiser enablement powered by AI change what's possible for the Pittsburgh Community.

    Gravyty Fundraiser Spotlight with The Pittsburgh Foundation

    The Pittsburgh Foundation Uses Gravyty's AI-Enabled Tools to Manage a Large Pool of Donors with a Small Team

    The Pittsburgh Foundation works to improve its community by evaluating the greatest needs of the region, promoting responsible philanthropy, and connecting donors to those critical needs. 

    Pittsburgh, PA

    Established in 1945, The Pittsburgh Foundation is one of the nation’s oldest community foundations and is the 14th largest of more than 750 across the United States. Its resources comprise endowment funds established by individuals, businesses, and organizations with a passion for charitable giving and a deep commitment to the Pittsburgh community. The Foundation currently has more than 2,000 individual donor funds and, together with its supporting organizations, assets of more than $1.2 billion.

    One of The Pittsburgh Foundation’s largest challenges is that a team of four individuals manage about 1,700 donors. That’s a very large pool of donors for a small team that prides itself on high-touch relationships to drive philanthropic giving.

    Pittsburgh Foundation Staff and Donors, Museum Lab Tour

    A New Solution: Artificial Intelligence (AI)

    Through Gravyty’s fundraiser enablement tools, powered by artificial intelligence (AI), the Pittsburgh Foundation saw an opportunity to revolutionize how its fundraisers could meet donors.

    Lindsay Aroesty, Director of Donor Services, Planned Giving Specialist, The Pittsburgh Foundation“When we heard about Gravyty and artificial intelligence in this field, we thought, ‘Wow, we can actually get to all of theses constituents that we manage so much more effectively if we just adopted,’” explained Lindsay Aroesty, Director of Donor Services, Planned Giving Specialist at The Pittsburgh Foundation.

    As a seasoned fundraiser, Aroesty has a process that she has follows each year to reach out to and meet with donors. She noted that these are typically the people with who she has the strongest relationships. However, what about building new relationships? That’s where Gravyty transforms how the team can make an impact.

    “The biggest win that I see from Gravyty is that it’s taking the people who I wouldn’t necessarily have reached out to and almost forcing me to get in front of them…  I’ve gone on different meetings this year than I have in any other year that I’ve been [at The Pittsburgh Foundation]. And, I’m seeing that those donors are re-engaging,” said Aroesty.

    AI-Enabled Impact Across the Team

    Buncher Change Agents Program

    Aroesty is not the only officer that’s finding success with fundraiser enablement, powered by AI. She noted that whenever her team has a moment back in the day, especially one where they’re 

    trying to be productive in just 15 minutes, sending Gravyty First Drafts is the fastest way to get results.

    “We are getting to people who we had never thought we would get to before. For different staff members, there will be people in their pools of donors who they never even thought to reach out to. Yet, Gravyty’s artificial intelligence bubbles them up in their pools and allows us to reach them.”

    AI-Enabled Stewardship

    Pittsburgh Foundation Donor Tour, Carnegie Museum of ArtStewardship is critical for any community foundation. Through Gravyty’s AI-enabled Stewardship tool, officers are alerted as soon as gifts come in and are prescribed AI-written drafted thank you messages for those donors. Gravyty is The Pittsburgh Foundation’s solution to continue the high-touch donor relationships it always had, even with a growing donor pool.



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