By Drew Fox Jordan • November 22, 2021

    Frequently Asked Questions: Mid-Level Giving

    Frequently Asked Questions: Mid-Level Giving

    More and more organizations are putting resources behind cultivating and stewarding their mid-level donors. This donor segment is critical because inside are your future major gift and planned giving donors. However, these donors typically fall between the cracks of annual and major giving -- plenty of promise and potential capacity to give, but not assigned to a fundraiser. 

    Organizations are identifying these donors as a way to increase revenue in the short term. But improved giving revenue isn't the only benefit of engaging further with your mid-level donors. In many cases, your next major donors likely give below their rated ability and fall into that mid-level purview. 

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    So how do fundraisers tap into this donor segment? Here are some of the frequently asked questions around engaging your mid-level supporters:

    Do they even have capacity?

    Although some mid-level are giving below their rated capacity, this is not the case for all. Some donors may give as much as possible but fall below the threshold for major giving. That could be the case now, but as circumstances change, they progress in their careers, and family situations change, so can their capacity. Some younger donors may have a strong affinity for your cause before their full earning potential. Some lifetime Annual Fund donors that have flown below the radar could leave entire estates to organizations. Mid-level donors with consecutive years of giving are loyal and can have hidden capacity.

    But what about my priorities?

    There is evidence that your mid-level donors are philanthropic and have an affinity for your organization. But, perhaps your organization is among the 10+ they support. So before thinking about your priorities, consider for a second the priorities of the donor. Then, turning your attention directly to these individuals can elevate your organization to the first or second priority in their philanthropic giving. In addition, giving a personalized experience to your mid-level donors may give you a competitive advantage in an economy that sees fewer individual donors year-over-year.

    What's the strategy?

    The purpose of engaging with your mid-level donors is to get to know them better. By personalizing outreach to them, they feel that their gifts are valued and needed. As you reach out, ask questions to get to know them beyond the dollar amount they provide. What are their philanthropic priorities? What are their interests? Suddenly, you're building personal relationships that can support your needs as an organization today and potentially fill the major gifts pipeline tomorrow.

    How is personalized outreach possible at scale?

    Tapping into the mid-level giving pool can be a daunting task for many organizations already at capacity managing existing portfolios. Gravyty's Mid-Level Giving Playbook will help you map out the best approaches to engaging your mid-level donors to ensure that their impact, as well as your fundraising team's time and energy, remains a strategic priority. Download for free today:

    Frequently Asked Questions: Mid-Level Giving



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