By Drew Fox Jordan • November 15, 2021

    Finding & Retaining Fundraising Talent in the Great Resignation

    Finding & Retaining Fundraising Talent in the Great Resignation

    Nonprofits find themselves fighting a familiar foe. But this time, today's hiring economy adds a new element to the challenge. A recent survey found that 40% of nonprofit employees wanted to change jobs in the next 90 days. However, that number jumps to 54% when accounting for those planning to leave in the next 12 months - more than double the national average.

    This leaves nonprofit leaders prioritizing their hiring plans based on replacement rather than growth. However, broader organizational goals are not reflected by the size of the fundraising team, they are dictated by the needs of the organization. As goals continue to grow, fundraiser turnover places more pressure on existing employees to outperform themselves year-over-year by compensating for a lack of additional staffing.

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    Setting unrealistic goals for fundraisers is a sure-fire way to damage culture as well. Gift officers will become frustrated that they are being expected to perform at levels that do not match their skill level or disrupt the work they had done in the previous year. This is all while workers are leaving their jobs in droves, with many resignation stories coming back to how their employers treated them - or didn't treat them - in the past year. In the major gifts business, employee turnover can derail plans for years at a time while new hires are ramped up before they are able to close gifts at the same level as a tenured fundraiser who had just left the post.

    Your fundraisers are doing the work of staff you don't have. Where the old solution may point to hiring more fundraisers, today's economy makes that a challenge in itself. Before taking a new job, employees want to feel like their employers support them personally and professionally. 

    So what can you do to give yourself a leg up in today's competitive hunt for top talent? Download Gravyty's Attracting & Retaining Fundraising Talent for your comprehensive guide to help you tackle your fundraiser hiring and retention challenges with a focus on success in both the short and long term.

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    Finding & Retaining Fundraising Talent in the Great Resignation



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