By Drew Fox Jordan • August 17, 2020

    The Evolution of the Donor Pyramid: Where Are My Opportunities?

    Each nonprofit has unique fundraising challenges within the organization. Some are more general, but others are specific for each type of organization.

    For higher ed, there's a huge uncertainty around enrollment in the fall. Will there even be students on campus? What are international students who would be paying full tuition going to do?

    For hospitals, odds are at some point you've had to eliminate elective surgeries and lost a huge revenue stream. Nonprofits have to contend with what they are raising money for, and how do you continue to fundraise when your mission is not COVID-19 related?


    There's one umbrella issue that is true across the board. While the total philanthropy dollars contributed in the U.S. is staying relatively flat or even increasing slightly, the number of donors who are making those gifts is going down.

    The competition for donor dollars is increasing. There is a real competition for who can connect with more of the right donors to secure the major gifts to sustain your cause.

    The donor pyramid is evolving in today's giving environment. With fewer donors making gifts, fundraisers are either asking major donors to give larger gifts or give more often, which runs the risk of donor fatigue. The way to combat donor fatigue head-on is by inspiring new top rated donors that you might not have identified already within your prospect pool and start cultivating relationships with them.

    Learn from Gravyty and iWave how to evolve your donor pyramid to discover new opportunities throughout and empower your fundraisers to efficiently and effectively inspire new giving that drives revenue — without risking donor fatigue or simply hoping that frontline fundraisers can produce superhuman outcomes.

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