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    Everything Adds Up For Oemcke - Boston College Athletics Feature

    Our Business Strategy intern Camille Oemcke, also a Division 1 volleyball student athlete at Boston College, was recently featured in Boston College's Athletics page. Below is her feature article, in which she discusses majoring in math, life at Gravyty, and startup culture.  We're extremely proud to have her on our team and wish her the best of luck in the upcoming season. (We'll be cheering her on at games too!)

    July 10, 2017/Eagles Unlimited/ -- It's well known that Boston College prides itself on its academics and athletics blend. Its elite reputation in the classroom combines with competing at the highest levels of college sports. It creates a unique experience, and it helps create one of the most substantial and deepest networks in the NCAA.
    On the volleyball court, junior Camille Oemcke is one of the best and brightest examples of what Boston College looks for in its student-athletes. As a setter for the Eagles, she's a team leader with roughly half of the team's assists. In the classroom, she's a mathematics major currently interning with an artificial intelligence startup company called Gravyty, a company started by a former Eagles assistant coach.
    "I originally chose math as a major just because I enjoy numbers," Oemcke said. "There're a lot of directions that I can take with it and math can be used to really cater to different career paths. Two years into it, I still enjoy it, so I'm happy with my decision."
    For most college students, choosing a major might cause stress, but all of them usually have an interest or idea they pursue in their course of study. What makes Oemcke's decision so unique is that it's rarely done; she's the first volleyball student-athlete majoring in mathematics since head coach Chris Campbell arrived at The Heights in 2010.
    It's a path paying off in the classroom as she's improved on the team. Recruited out of Torrey Pines High School in San Diego, Calif., Oemcke is one of the most reliable pieces of the Eagle lineup. She appeared in 109 sets in 2016, starring on both the offensive and defensive ends. She notched 617 assists last year, putting her over 1,000 for her career, while increasing her digs from 96 to 142.
    This summer, she's interning with Gravyty, a technology startup company based in Newton, Mass. Gravyty uses artificial intelligence to develop data analytics for fundraising. Touting itself as a "fundraising workflow tool," Gravyty utilizes "science and technology to support and advance" objectives, according to the company website.
    "It uses AI and machine learning to help build relationships with donors," Oemcke said. "I'm a strategy intern with the company, so I've had the chance to work on a wide range of projects, ranging from data analysis to sales and marketing."
    It's a position developing from a relationship with a former Boston College volleyball staff member. Adam Martell served as assistant coach for the 2008-10 seasons. After leaving BC, his career veered into fundraising and alumni development, and in 2015, he helped co-found Gravyty.
    "Adam is the CEO of the company," Oemcke said. "Before I came to BC, he was also an assistant coach (for the Eagles). But even though he left, he maintained a relationship with our head coach, so I heard about the company through him.
    "Gravyty has been a great experience," she continued. "I'm gaining experience in predictive data analytics and learning new things. It's helping create new career goals for me and I'm gaining broader experience I can factor into the greater experience that comes with a math background."
    It's also helping Oemcke foster an attitude that she can bring back to Boston College this fall. She pointed to the "startup culture," describing it as one where everyone, from top to bottom, is involved in a company's success. Linking it back to the Eagles' volleyball team, she sees parts of the culture at Gravyty as applicable to BC.
    "At a startup, everyone is super involved with the teams," she said. "It's a place where everyone is working, hands-on, directly for Gravyty. It helps everyone get used to being part of a team. At BC, we're taught about the hard work that it takes to succeed. We all have to be driven to get things done."
    It's something she hopes will spill over when she returns to the Eagles.
    "Our goal is a postseason tournament, for sure," she said. "I don't want to leave BC without having accomplished that with our team."

    By Dan Rubin, Eagles Unlimited Contributor

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