By Drew Fox Jordan • August 25, 2020

    Adapting From Event-Based to Donor-Centric Fundraising

    Nonprofits have adapted, pivoted, and created to weather the COVID-19 crisis. As closures continue, how will you compensate for events that have no digital equivalent?

    Events have always been a part of the philanthropic community and absolutely drive significant giving at both the individual and corporate levels. Now, organizations are trying to find ways to replace some of their larger fundraising events, ranging from in-person auctions to homecoming. For some organizations, this means cancelling ticket-driven revenue drivers. For others, it means putting run/walks, annual golf tournaments, and galas on indefinite hold.

    Gala Event

    A gala, for example, can run anywhere from modest to quite elaborate and generally include additional fundraising components like auctions or raffle prizes. Usually a major donor or corporation buys a table and invites friends who may or may not have an affinity to your organization. They can contribute to your cause by bidding on an auction item or purchasing a raffle ticket for a flashy prize. But without those tangible takeaways, what happens to those folks? And what happens to the individuals or corporate sponsors who are donating prizes - will they continue to contribute without the event or programmatic aspect at play?

    Our on-demand webinar "Adapting From Event-based to Donor-Centric Fundraising" shows your the strategy of how to take a successful event strategy and transition it to a more personal engagement with donors and prospects. You'll learn how to reclaim the revenue gap caused by limited (or no) events, Creative ways to inspire an affinity for your cause and sustainable giving, how to transition event staff to frontline fundraisers, and much more!



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