By Drew Fox Jordan • March 10, 2022

    Equip Your Fundraisers With The Tools They Need To Succeed

    Equip Your Fundraisers With The Tools They Need To SucceedFundraisers have always fundamentally set out to accomplish the same goal: build relationships with donors and raise revenue to support the organization's mission. However, the evolution of how fundraisers do their jobs has placed an emphasis on technology to support the work they do. As a result, nonprofit leaders no longer just manage fundraisers - they must seek out solutions that allow fundraisers to do their best work.

    Finding the right solution is hard. It is one of the inherent challenges in fundraising, and nonprofit leaders are tasked with interpreting, analyzing, and deciding a possible solution every day. Some decisions can be more complicated than others, like the modernization of fundraising practices.  

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    “Modernization” can mean so many things, and depending on what your organization needs, it can differ from team to team. It can be challenging even identifying where to begin before making a final decision. As a result, finding a perfect solution is nearly impossible.

    However, there are steps you can take to ensure you are making the decision that is right for you.

    Identifying Your Needs

    Before beginning any search for a solution, have a desired outcome in mind. Because every nonprofit is different, your needs most likely differ from the many solutions available to you. Begin your search with a clear list of your organization's most pressing needs in the short term, as well as your longer-term goals. Having a picture of your future development plans can help you identify which solutions would suit your organization.

    Getting Ready To Buy

    After taking the time to assess what your organization's needs are, it's time to begin finding vendors that fit the bill. Before bringing any possible solutions to your board, CFO, or any other decision-makers, you'll need to get a complete understanding of what value each solution provides.

    Managing Adoption

    Humans are creatures of habit. Asking employees to change their workflows, especially seasoned and skilled employees, can be met with resistance and objections. If your solution requires a significant change for your workforce, bring your key stakeholders into the conversation early and often so they help you with change management. Luckily, not all software requires employees to change the way they work. The best solutions seamlessly integrate into existing processes that enable people to perform their jobs at a higher level without getting bogged down by logging into an additional website or working on another screen. Look for solutions that require little to no functional changes in how you work to achieve maximum adoption.

    Looking for more on how to find the best software solution for your nonprofit? Check out Gravyty's ultimate guide to buying fundraising technology for a complete look at what types of solutions are available and how to determine which is best for your team. Download for free today:

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