By Lindsey Athanasiou • November 13, 2017

    Embedded Intelligence & A UI-Less CRM

    Removing friction between people and the technology they use is the key to maximizing the benefits the user can derive from the technology. This is true of every sector and every industry. But to do my job with current systems and practices, here is the process I go through every day:

    1. Log into my CRM system to figure out who I should reach out to
    2. Read through the most recent contact with them
    3. Review my calendar to check my upcoming availability for a call or meeting
    4. Go to my email to draft an email
    5. Send the message
    6. Wait for a response

    This process takes between 10-20 minutes for ONE prospect-- hardly frictionless, I would say. With current technology, that is just the way it is. But, why does it have to stay this way? Why can’t we change it?

    For decades, vendors have focused on producing bigger, more powerful databases that hold a ton of information about fundraisers’ prospects. They have also put resources into making their products cloud based and mobile friendly. This is well and good, but as we have pointed out in previous blog posts, it’s no longer good enough. Instead of being mobile-first, CRMs should consider becoming AI-first in order to meet the changing needs of customers, and the increasing speed of our technological world.

    Another problem with today’s databases is that they are just sitting there, waiting…waiting for you to enter the name of a prospect who might be of interest to you. Once you do that, the system is like an obedient dog, running to fetch the stick. Then, like a good dog, it drops the stick (information) at your feet and sits down, waiting…for you to do something else.

    The direction is all backwards.

    In an ideal world, the system would be constantly roaming around, looking for “sticks” it believes you need, because it knows you, your organization, and your goals. When it proactively brings the information to you, it should also recommend the best action to take on the data, like “call this prospect today!” In this case, the CRM is more like a really intelligent dog that can talk. It knows you, it knows what you need, and it brings it to you without you having to seek it out. This would be a world where you don’t have to learn your CRM; rather, your CRM learns you. Sounds great and futuristic, right?

    Well, it’s here. Now.

    So imagine the reality: I skip the CRM digging and instead, follow a familiar pattern of first looking at my calendar, then moving to my email, and TA-DA! There waiting for me are half a dozen drafts of emails written by Gravyty's AI to my top prospects that I can review, edit, and send. Whether they are discovery, cultivation, solicitation, or stewardship messages, I’m able to seamlessly move six promising prospects along in the pipeline. On each, I’ve saved at least half of the time I would normally spend to contact a prospect, and because of the analytics built into Gravyty, I’ve now contacted the right donors at the most opportune time, which I wasn’t always so sure of previously.

    Let that sink in.


    • Saved time.
    • Used analytics.
    • Contacted six donors in the time it would have taken to reach two, or at most, three.

    At Gravyty, this is the purpose of the AI that is embedded in our First Draft product: save the fundraiser valuable time so they can talk to more donors more often. And by design, fundraisers don’t know it’s there, but guess what? They don’t need to. Being embedded in their email and daily workflow creates a frictionless environment where they get more done in a shorter amount of time. The organization succeeds because the fundraisers are building more relationships, soliciting more gifts, and bringing in more revenue. This is the real benefit of EI (embedded intelligence) for fundraisers: eliminating the time-consuming process of digging through prospect records, running reports, updating moves management, and uploading contact reports means they spend a lot more time in front of actual donors.

    It’s time you stop learning your software, and instead, your software learn you.

    So that’s why we created a “UI-less CRM” experience for frontline fundraisers.

    Curious about trying this game-changing way of fundraising? Request a demo today!

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