By Kevin Leahy • August 7, 2018

    Gravyty Becomes Ellucian Alliance Partner


    BOSTON, MA – AUGUST 7, 2018 – Gravyty Technologies, Inc., the industry’s leading provider of AI-enabled fundraising software, today announced a partnership with Ellucian, the leading provider of software and services built to power higher education. As an Ellucian Alliance Partner, Gravyty will integrate with Ellucian’s CRM Advance offering to allow higher education institutions to become truly AI-enabled.

    “Gravyty is on a mission to empower nonprofit organizations with technology that enables better and more efficient fundraising," said Adam Martel, co-founder and CEO, Gravyty. "We share many customers and a joint-vision with Ellucian’s forward-looking team to lead higher education to AI-enablement. Through our partnership and integration into the Ellucian community, we’ll enable fundraisers to build stronger relationship with their top donors.”

    Through its suite of revolutionary tools, which includes First Draft, Gravyty Guide and Gravyty Go!, Gravyty uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to optimize the chance of fundraising success by personalizing and automating contact with donors. With Gravyty, institutions can leverage their investments in Ellucian’s advancement solutions to prescribe actionable next steps with the most important donors at the most opportune times and return a tangible ROI in the form of increased giving.

    "We are proud to welcome Gravyty as an Ellucian Alliance Partner," said Ellucian Vice President of Product Management, Kimberly Bloomston. "Through this partnership, advancement offices will have even more access to the next-gen technology that will help them cultivate long-lasting relationships with alumni and donors.”

    “As a new customer of Gravyty, and a long-time customer of Ellucian, we are thrilled that the technologies will seamlessly integrate to bring revolutionary AI technology into our daily workflow and further enhance the performance of our fundraising team. We believe that, through Gravyty, the power of AI will empower our fundraisers to build more relationships and connect with the right donors at the right time,” said Rod Grabowski, Vice President for University Advancement, University at Buffalo. “By adding yet another automated process to our work, and bridging these two critical resources, we’re increasing both the volume and quality of outreach to the alumni and donors we will engage with over the course of UB’s Boldly Buffalo campaign.”

    To learn Gravyty’s solutions and partners visit: www.gravyty.com.

    About Gravyty
    Gravyty is the nonprofit industry’s leading provider of AI-enabled fundraising software. With artificial intelligence and machine learning, Gravyty automates the most time-consuming processes for frontline fundraisers. Gravyty’s products empower fundraisers to build lasting donor relationships and raise more revenue for their missions in ways never before possible. Led by former fundraiser Adam Martel and AI technologist Rich Palmer, Gravyty was founded at Babson College and is driven by their motto, "You shouldn't have to learn your software; your software should learn you."


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