By Marijana Radić Boone • November 19, 2021

    GRAVYTY FUNDRAISING ACADEMY: Don't Forget This Year-End Segment


    The end of the year is fast approaching - make sure all your donor segments are accounted for! 


    GRAVYTY FUNDRAISING ACADEMY - Don't Forget This Year-End Donor Segment

    It’s beginning to look a lot like…

    The calendar year-end! That means you’ve already sent or are currently sending out year-end appeals and deciding who to include and exclude from your invitation to donate.

    Whether for budgetary, environmental, or other reasons, you’re likely not sending your appeal to everyone in the database. But who makes the cut?

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    Make your list…

    As you prepare for the mayhem of printing, stuffing, sealing, and sending, consider the following segments:

    • This year’s donors - whether it’s the holiday spirit or the urgency of the budget year closing, year-end provides a natural opportunity to talk to donors who’ve already given. These donors have already shown commitment to your cause and are more likely to give again than a brand new donor is to give for the first time. If you’re worried about asking again for fear of appearing greedy, stop fretting - these donors already expressed their support for what you do, and they’ll likely want to hear from you.
    • Lapsed donors - donors who have given in years past are more likely to give again than non-donors, and they are more likely to upgrade their gift than any other donor segment. This is particularly true for donors who have made:
      • multiple gifts in a single year before lapsing
      • a gift of $1,000 or more in a year before lapsing
      • gifts in 5 or more consecutive years before lapsing
    • First-time donors - data shows that organizations tend to retain 1 of 5 first-time donors, yet 3 out of 5 donors who’ve given at least twice will come back with another gift. Take advantage of this opportunity to message first-time donors again. If you can secure a second gift, you’re less likely to lose them year over year and more likely to get many more gifts afterward.

    Check it twice…

    Once you have your target audience lists defined, check for any genuinely compelling reasons not to reach out. Exclude donors with expressed communication preferences, and run your lists by others within the organization. It would be ideal for getting all the information you needed out of your CRM, but that’s not always the case - allowing others to weigh in helps give extra assurance you will avoid a potentially uncomfortable situation with a donor. This is an excellent time to remind everyone about the importance of documenting everything in the CRM. It’s never too late to start, so note any findings from this year to have more data points to use for next year’s segments, and this process becomes more accessible with each passing year.

    Let it snow!

    OK, maybe that’s a different song, but I hope your year-end is merry and bright, and your donors are generous this year and always.

    If you’d like to learn more about how artificial intelligence can empower your organization to have a culture of philanthropy, personally reach new donors, and inspire giving at scale, connect with Gravyty today.

    marijana boone CIRCLEYour guide for the Gravyty Fundraising Academy is Director of Data Solutions & Implementations, Marijana Radić Boone. Marijana's career has been built on helping mission-driven organizations use technology to achieve new levels of success. A former Gravyty customer, Marijana understands first-hand how artificial intelligence transforms what's possible in fundraising.

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