By Adam Martel • March 12, 2018

    Gravyty Featured as the #1 "New Fundraising Ideas that Worked" in the Chronicle of Philanthropy!

    We are so humbled and grateful to be featured as the number one "New Fundraising Ideas that Worked" in the most recent issue of the Chronicle of Philanthropy!  In the article, our partners at Cure Alzheimer's Fund discuss how Gravyty's artificial intelligence technology played a role in helping them increase major donor retention by providing a weekly battle plan that suggested which donors to reach out to throughout the year.  

    You can read the full article below:


    "The Cure Alzheimer's Fund, despite a small fundraising team, joined the big leagues last year. Eager to make strategic use of a rapidly expanding base of supporters, the charity's three-person development staff began using predictive-analytics software, harnessing the power of data in much the same way that large hospitals and colleges do.

    So far, the move seems to have paid off: Retention of big donors increased by 5 percent in 2016, thanks in part to the software, officials say.

    Previous, the organization lacked a system to identify and culticate big donors who had previously given. "We didn't have much of a formulated plan of attack," says Connor Swan, a development associate who works with the group's two fundraisers.

    Now, technology provides a weekly battle plan. Each Sunday, Mr. Swan receives an email from fundraising-technology firm Gravyty with a list of big donors likely to give again soon. An algorithm selects the names based on many factors, including their wealth and when they last gave. The fundraisers then make a point to try and call or email those donors that week.

    Mr. Swan says the system saves fundraisers time, because the algorithm does research that was formerly done in-house and in a less systematic way. "It's serving up the donors that would be the best use of our time."

    By Timothy Sandoval

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