By Tiffany Liu • August 2, 2017

    "Cultivating Major Donors? Just Add Data" | Chronicle of Philanthropy Article

    Our partners at Cure Alzheimer's Fund were featured in the Chronicle of Philanthropy! They discussed how our technologies played a role in retaining big donors by 5% in 2016 and providing a weekly battle plan for which donors to reach out to. Read below for the full article:


    "The Cure Alzheimer's Fund, despite a small fundraising team, joined the big leagues last year. Eager to make strategic use of a rapidly expanding base of supporters, the charity's three-person development staff began using predictive-analytics software, harnessing the power of data in much the same way that large hospitals and colleges do.

    So far, the move seems to have paid off: Retention of big donors increased by 5 percent in 2016, thanks in part to the software, officials say.

    Previous, the organization lacked a system to identify and cultivate big donors who had previously given. "We didn't have much of a formulated plan of attack," says Connor Swan, a development associate who works with the group's two fundraisers.

    Now, technology provides a weekly battle plan. Each Sunday, Mr. Swan receives an email from fundraising-technology firm Gravyty with a list of big donors likely to give again soon. An algorithm selects the names based on many factors, including their wealth and when they last gave. The fundraisers then make a point to try and call or email those donors that week.

    Mr. Swan says the system saves fundraisers time, because the algorithm does research that was formerly done in-house and in a less systematic way. "It's serving up the donors that would be the best use of our time."

    By Timothy Sandoval

    Learn more about Gravyty here!

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