By Drew Fox Jordan • May 28, 2020

    The Importance of Engaging Faculty & Staff in Fundraising

    Fundraising is often seen as a function that's carried out by a very specific office within a nonprofit organization. However, a recent trend, often referred to as "democratized fundraising" or "integrated advancement" is beginning to take rise and questioning this notion of the fundraising function.


    Recently, Chris Tobin, Executive Vice President of Institutional Advancement and Executive Director of The College of Charleston Foundation, spoke to a packed crowd at the CASE District III Annual Conference and suggested that integrated advancement is a valuable strategic method for growing Advancement beyond the transactional functions of fundraising and employing key leaders - such as faculty and other staff - to spread an organization's mission even further.

    As Chris explained in his talk, the time is right to up-level the work of Advancement because expectations and financial pressures are expanding across the board, meaning that leaders are looking for innovative ways to improve the ways in which they work. This vision goes back to the roots of philanthropy – allowing relationships to drive fundraising – and begins with Advancement engaging organizational leaders or staff members who are directly impacted by gifts and are able to advocate for the needs of an organization.

    The vision for integrated advancement directly aligns with the concepts behind Gravyty Connect. With artificial intelligence (AI) Gravyty Connect allows leaders who aren't traditional fundraising roles, such as deans, board members, pastors, department heads, program managers, athletic directors, provosts, and more to seamlessly contribute to an organization's overall fundraising efforts – without having to become full-time fundraisers. By expanding the duties of fundraising beyond Advancement or Development offices, Gravyty Connect helps spread a culture of philanthropy throughout an organization.

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    Integrated Advancement & Artificial Intelligence

    So how does AI fit into integrated advancement? Through Gravyty Connect, the right person within an organization is able to make the right appeal for the right reasons to the right potential donor. We accomplish this by using AI to craft the first draft of an outgoing message to a prospect. When you consider the industry-wide shortage of experienced fundraising talent, using AI not only expands a culture of philanthropy and giving, it also expands the fundraising workforce.

    Imagine the difference you could make for your organization's mission with a strategy that engages faculty, staff, deans, board members...the list goes on.

    To learn more about Gravyty Connect, expanding a culture of philanthropy, and integrated advancement, schedule a demo with our team.



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