By Drew Fox Jordan • March 22, 2022

    Closing Your Fiscal Year With Confidence

    Closing Your Fiscal Year With ConfidenceEvery nonprofit fundraising shop knows that in the last 90 days of the fiscal year, the pressure is on.

    But what if there was a way to approach your fiscal year-end with ease and confidence? Whether you are a fundraising leader guiding your team, a major gift officer helping your organization reach its dollar goal, or an annual fund officer turning over every stone to maximize donor participation, Gravyty's Fundraising Master Class is your roadmap to winning the fiscal year in the last quarter.

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    What can you expect to learn from this Master Class? You'll hear from industry experts on the art of closing gifts, secrets to donor participation, and predictive pipeline preparation. We also cover donor acquisition & retention, major giving, improving stewardship, donor journeys, and prospect management. 

    Most importantly, we are looking at these critical fundraising aspects under the same lens:

    One Team, One Win.

    This guide is meant to address every part of fundraising because your success is determined by how well your entire team works together driving towards the same North Star.  Without a common goal, you will likely still see success from a couple of individual contributors. But outstanding victories are achieved by a combined team effort. That is what this guide is meant to do for you.

    The complete Gravyty Fundraising Master Class: 90 Days Until Fiscal Year Close is delivered online via 19 immersive assets, sent directly to your email. The curriculum covers four chapters:

    • Chapter 1 - Donor Acquisition & Retention
    • Chapter 2 - Major Gifts
    • Chapter 3 - Improved Stewardship
    • Chapter 4 - Day 91: Parallel Planning for Next Fiscal Year

    Embark on this Fundraising Master Class journey with us for FREE. Sign up and we'll send you each segment of the course, the workbooks, checklists, videos, and more, so you can plot your way to your best fiscal-year close!



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