By Kevin Leahy • June 10, 2019

    Arkansas State, Gravyty Featured on Nonprofit Innovators Podcast

    Along with our wonderful friend and customer, David McClain, Executive Director of Development at Arkansas State University, Gravyty was featured on the Nonprofit Innovators in AI Podcast. The podcast is a weekly update for nonprofit professionals who are driving innovation using artificial intelligence (AI) and those looking for ideas and inspirations to make it happen.

    Hosts Jeff Patrick and Taylor Shanklin spoke with David about his use of Gravyty and how AI and our fundraiser enablement tools help him inspire donors and prospects with personal, one-to-one outreach, at scale. They also sat down with our Co-founder and CEO, Adam Martel to learn about our approach to AI, our three-screen principle, and how fundraisers double and triple their working capacity with our tools.

    Have a listen to learn about the practical impact of AI in the nonprofit sector.

    Nonprofit Innovator In AI Podcast


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