By Kevin Leahy • November 4, 2021

    Are We Entering Peak Fundraiser Onboarding?

    While many industries have been caught off-guard by The Great Resignation, within the fundraising sector, we can at least say we saw this one coming. Just two years ago, The Chronicle of Philanthropy's Heather Joslyn wrote, "51% of Fundraisers Plan to Leave Their Jobs by 2021, Says New Survey." Seeing a trend coming and having the time to do something about it are two very different things – after all, we've been teaching ourselves how to fundraise during a pandemic. 

    But having a valid reason for not taking measures against an impending exodus in the workforce does not change the fact that it's happening. And, it's an important challenge to have a solution for – when any fundraiser leaves a team, they inevitably leave behind a portfolio that immediately starts to go cold, aside from the top prospects cherry-picked into other fundraisers' portfolios. Cold portfolios begin to gum up the pipeline as unengaged donors lose connections and their interest, midlevel givers lose momentum, and a well-oiled machine begins to sputter. These are problems worth solving at their roots.

    The solution, of course, is to hire more fundraisers and ensure that the fundraisers you have can manage donors left behind by staffing issues. But, we know that the new fundraiser onboarding process, whether the fundraiser is just new to the organization or new to fundraising altogether, is lengthy. It can take years to warm up a cold portfolio. And with many tenures lasting only 18 months in fundraising, we are about to enter an era where onboarding fundraisers effectively and efficiently is one of the primary concerns for leadership.

    We're about to enter peak fundraiser onboarding and AI can help.

    Fundraiser Onboarding AI

    In Gravyty's Special Report: Fundraiser Onboarding, we examine exactly what's happening with our workforce, what we typically expect out of fundraiser onboarding, and show you how cutting edge fundraising organizations across Education, NPOs, and Healthcare are getting ahead of the problem before their pipelines are impacted.

    Download our free special report today and begin challenging what we thought we had to accept about fundraiser onboarding.

    Gravyty Special Report: Fundraiser Onboarding


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