By Drew Fox Jordan • April 4, 2022

    Annual, Mid-Level, & Major Giving: Filling the Philanthropic Pipeline

    Annual, Mid-Level, & Major Giving: Filling the Philanthropic PipelineTraditionally, different disciplines of fundraising have existed in silos. Annual giving stands separate from major giving, mid-level donors exist in their own category, and so on. However, Gravyty has found that when each department works in tandem towards a common organizational goal, donors receive a more thoughtful and personalized donor journey. 

    These experiences are what drive donor retention and increase giving. From a donor's first gift to the Annual Fund through planned giving, fundraisers have hundreds of opportunities to provide supporters with a personalized experience. Failing to move donors through the pyramid ultimately decreases the chances of them renewing their gift in the following years or considering an increase in giving. That leaves you with a dried-up pipeline and goals that continue to go up.

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    On Tuesday, April 5 at 9 am ET, Gravyty's Kat McCarron will be presenting at AFP Massachusetts Fundraising Day in Boston in a session titled "Annual, Mid-Level, and Major Giving: How to Fill the Philanthropic Pipeline". Her session will explore ways to build the donor pipeline starting from the ground up from the way fundraisers engage with annual fund donors to growing mid-level giving and ultimately securing major gifts for your organization.

    The session will also look at how special campaigns like days of giving and Giving Tuesday can lay a great foundation for donor growth by uncovering giving passions, and how important stewardship is at all levels. 

    If you are attending AFPMA's Fundraising Day in Boston this year, be sure to check out her session!

    If you're looking for additional resources to elevate your giving and align your annual, mid-level, and major giving programs, check out more of our free tools for fundraisers and nonprofit leaders to learn from our team of industry experts and customer stories.

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