By Adam Martel • April 5, 2018

    AI in Advancement Summit

    AI in Advancement-- it’s the use-case and the software we’ve been building for over two years now. We’re excited to share that an entire summit was  dedicated to the premise and the proof. Adam Martel, our CEO and co-founder, gave the keynote at the AI in Advancement Summit hosted by Cornell University and you can watch that keynote address here.


    Development professionals have started to notice that the tide is turning as more and more nonprofits deploy artificial intelligence in their prospecting, pipeline management, and relationship building. With proactive AI, each of these previously manual tasks can now be done at scale because of human-augmented applications.

    Organizations that have adopted AI in advancement have seen amazing increases in revenue without hiring more fundraisers or buying more data. If you’re sitting there scratching your head, wondering how and why this works, you might get a better sense after reading this HuffPost article about us and the action-based AI tools we build for fundraisers and researchers.

    If you weren't  among the hundreds of forward-thinkers who convened in Ithaca, 30 minutes of your time watching the live stream would be well-spent-- it could help you raise more money without ever logging in to a new platform or system. Welcome to the future.


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