By Kevin Leahy • April 24, 2021

    AI Spotlight: How a Fundraiser Increased Giving by 300% in One Year

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    Baptist Health is the only mission-driven, locally governed healthcare system in Northeast Florida. Baptist’s leadership team works closely with clinical teams of doctors, nurses, and staff to create a healthier community, focused to ensure that all children in Northeast Florida have healthcare, adults living in need have access to quality healthcare, elderly people live independent and fulfilling lives, and that the most critical community health needs are addressed. 

    Baptist Health Foundation plays an important role in ensuring that this amazing community health work is well-funded. Gravyty’s AI solution empowers Baptist’s fundraisers to ensure that their days are spent inspiring, cultivating, and deepening relationships that lead to giving. 

    Valerie BrownBaptist's Associate Director of Development, Valerie Brown’s role was restructured as a result of the pandemic. As a result, she shifted her focus from organizing sponsors to owning a full portfolio of donors. When she made that switch, she was afraid that, like her role before with sponsors, she would spend more time organizing, creating spreadsheets, and logging activity about them than she did communicating with them.

    Gravyty completely changed that dynamic.

    “Gravyty is transformational. It keeps me organized and keeps me moving forward,” Valerie explained. “With Gravyty, I can work through my entire 196 donor portfolio in a month, touching base with each donor in some fashion so that none are forgotten.”

    The way Valerie and her colleagues do this is through Gravyty’s AI approach to fundraiser enablement. Not only does Gravyty prompt fundraisers to reach out to the right donors at the right time, but it also scans the CRM, past emails, and other data sources to craft the first draft of what that specific donor outreach should look like. Gravyty delivers all of this information directly to the inboxes of frontline fundraisers.

    "Gravyty is transformational. It keeps me organized and moving forward. With Gravyty, I can work through my entire 196 donor portfolio in a month, touching base with each donor in some fashion so that none are forgotten." AI Enabled Fundraiser, Valerie Brown of Baptist Medical Center, Jacksonville

    “The best way to describe Gravyty’s AI is that it’s extremely intuitive and helps me stay ahead. It gets me over that initial challenge of knowing what to say to my donors by drafting a tailored message that I can send or use as notes for a call. The AI is just an amazing boost to my productivity.”

    Valerie’s productivity speaks for itself. In the last year, she has completed more than 1,000 communications with her donors through Gravyty and increased giving from the portfolio by over 300% compared to the same time period the year prior. 

    “I can’t imagine working as efficiently without Gravyty. I always joke that Gravyty can never become a budget cut because it gives all of our fundraisers more time to spend with donors and make money for Baptist Medical Center’s amazing cause."

    Baptist Medical Center

    See for yourself how you can increase giving through the use of artificial intelligence by seeing a Gravyty demo today:

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