By Kevin Leahy • September 23, 2020

    A "Chilling Signal" For Arts & Culture Nonprofit Organizations

    When the nation’s largest performing arts organization, New York’s Metropolitan Opera, announced that it would keep its doors closed for the entire 2020-21 season, the New York Times called it “a chilling signal that American cultural life is still far from resuming.”

    Reports suggest that the pandemic has cost the 3,800-seat opera house more than $150 million in revenue since March, and left more than 1,000 full-time employees furloughed without pay.

    For the many treasured and upcoming arts & culture nonprofits that rely on ticket sales as critical drivers of revenue, there is massive pressure to find ways to generate income during these times and survive when it is safe to open the doors to the public. In the meantime, we’ve seen emergency furloughs of full-time employees and world-renowned talent, alike, throughout the industry.

    This is precisely why organizations, such as the Shakespeare Theatre Company (STC) of Washington, D.C., are embracing Gravyty and artificial intelligence (AI). After the coronavirus outbreak shut its doors, STC lost critical sources of revenue and knew that the only way to survive these times was to personally reach and build relationships with donors at scale.

    As Senior Director of Development, Laura Willumsen, explained, “We’ve got a long slog across the desert to get to the point of reopening… Gravyty became the way we saw a path forward.”

    Willumsen and other STC leaders are now using Gravyty and AI to control STC’s future with revenue generated through donations. With Gravyty, they’re looking to personally engage more donors with less staff to fill a newly developed fund called “The Phoenix Fund,” so the theater can emerge from this shutdown with a spirit of renewal, celebration, and full audiences.

    Hear Willumsen’s words for yourself in the short video below.

    Shakespeare Theatre Company


    If your organization faces these or similar challenges, it’s an uphill battle through these difficult times. Learn how fundraiser enablement, powered by artificial intelligence (AI), can be your path forward.

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