By Kat McCarron • June 14, 2021

    4 Tips to Keeping Your Team Accountable This Summer

    Backyard BBQs. Vacation plans. Rest and relaxation.

    We cram a great deal into the few weeks of the summer season,  but let’s face it, productivity in the workplace tends to cool as the weather heats up.

    4 Tips to Keeping Your Team Accountable This Summer

    You and your team deserve the time to recharge and celebrate, of course. Especially given the challenges we collectively faced over the course of the last year. Yet, even with the added focus around sun and fun this time of year it’s also important to keep your organization’s fundraising goals and strategies moving forward too.

    With this in mind, here are four ways to help your team balance work and play this summer:

    Get Buy-in

    Need to ensure everyone is on the same page? It all starts with communication. Keep your team motivated and accountable before the summer mindset sets in to ensure you are set up for longer-term success. 

    Now is a great time to gather your leadership team to discuss shared goals. After all, engagement and annual giving support play important roles in securing major gifts and building pipeline. Have your team brainstorm ways they can work together to secure gifts or increase participation.

    Create Goals

    While team brainstorming sessions are valuable, they are only as good as the metrics in place to ensure the ideas can be executed and measured. A key next step in the process is to establish goals that the team has agreed to pursue and to outline the necessary steps to achieve the intended outcomes. 

    Creating dashboards to track the team’s progress is a great way to visualize the effort. This can be particularly helpful during the summer months as employees take PTO and are out of office more often than other times in the year. The dashboards will help to keep the team on track and able to assess the overall progress. With this said, the most successful teams realize that goal-tracking isn’t a seasonal endeavor – it’s a year-long operation. 

    Make a Plan

    Now that you have your goals outlined and the team coming together on a shared approach, develop your operating plan to better formalize how everyone will work together to achieve your collective ambitions. Again, look longer-term than just the next few weeks. Having a year-long plan mapped out at the start of the new fiscal year is a surefire way to get your team motivated to hit the ground running. Treat your plan as a guide and not something that is set in stone. As we all know too well at this point given the pivots of the last year, even the best-laid plans sometimes need to be adapted.

    Make It Fun

    Remember, it shouldn’t be all work and no play. Explore ways to incorporate some fun into your strategy this upcoming year. Try some new approaches with your traditional campaigns and encourage your team to think outside the box. Take advantage of the creative ideas that may arise from your employees recharging this summer…then keep them excited for the future by putting the ideas into play.

    If you're interested to learn more, download my free on-demand webinar where I take a look at these more in-depth and show you how you can bring these strategies to life in real-time. 

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