Molly Johnson By Molly Johnson • December 27, 2018

    Gravyty's AI Implementation Process: 4 Things To Know

    At Gravyty, we believe that you shouldn’t have to learn your software, but rather your software should learn you. Similarly, we also believe that implementing technology should be a seamless, straightforward and simple experience for you, the customer.

    The Gravyty team has decades of non-profit fundraising experience in major gifts, annual fund, prospect research, advancement services and Information Technology Services. We get you because we were you. As a result, we designed an implementation process that breaks the mold of what you’ve seen in the past. Our goal is to redefine the customer/vendor relationship so that your team can stay focused on what truly matters: raising money to support your cause.


    Here are the top four things you need to know about on-boarding with Gravyty:

    1. Don’t: Appoint a project manager. Our implementation team has years of experience in frontline fundraising and understands the roles in your office. Instead of having one of your team members manage the entire on-boarding process, we will request referrals to key stakeholders at your organization and then we will coordinate directly with them at the right time in the process. We’ll ask for the right folks in IT, prospect research, advancement services, major and annual Giving and management. Then, we coordinate with them directly as we move through the process of launching so you don’t need to pull someone from your team to oversee the implementation.
    2. Don’t: Worry about imperfect data. Let’s face it, even if your data is perfect today, you’re likely only one import away from a database that could use some tidying up. We don’t ask that your data is perfect because our team is ready to work with what you have. And if you’re changing databases – that’s no problem either. We find that transitions are natural opportunities to launch Gravyty. Gravyty can increase constituent outreach on the first day that it’s live. Rather than asking our customers to create “perfect” data circumstances, we prefer to meet them where they are and deliver results faster.
    3. Do: Be ready to change the status quo. Working with disruptive technologies, like artificial intelligence and Gravyty means rethinking the way you have always done things. Be prepared to remove some of the most tedious, time-consuming work from your calendar. We’ll help you prepare for how Gravyty will fit and improve daily workflows, conversations, and meetings.
    4. Don’t: Go silent. The Gravyty team, like its products, grows, learns, and changes when you interact with it. We’ll schedule regular calls with you and your team to refine the products to match your team’s unique working style. We also use your feedback to develop and test new features that solve your exact needs. But don’t feel that these calls are the only times to share feedback. As you have questions, thoughts, or ideas, we want to know and encourage you to build a relationship with your Customer Success representative, all of whom were frontline fundraisers at one point in their careers.


    We understand previous tech implementations may have required a lot of your time – or even let you down. Perhaps even the word implementation makes your eyes roll. Part of Gravyty’s mission is to change that. Let us take the reins and run the process – we have your back!

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