By Drew Fox Jordan • February 24, 2022

    3 Keys to Getting Your Work Done

    3 Keys to Getting Your Work DoneDo you ever question where you spent your time and energy at the end of the workday?

    As professionals, we strive to put our best foot forward and achieve success. And yet, it’s never entirely that black and white. Small things pop up and get in the way of big-picture undertakings. Urgent and inconsequential requests snowball into time-consuming endeavors that take away from actual progress, leaving you with little to show from the effort besides a trivial check-off on your growing to-do list.

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    Of course, an essential element of success has something by which to measure it. Without goals in place, there is no precise movement forward or concrete standards to keep us motivated or hold us accountable.

    When it comes to getting work done, goals are the secret sauce. But here are the three main ingredients to help you keep those goals in your purview:

    Document and Revisit Your Goals

    Hopefully, you and your supervisor meet annually to discuss your goals for the coming year. Once hashed out, it’s important to write down your goals as the first step. After that, it’s equally important that those goals and document don’t get lost in your files or buried in your desk drawer.

    Regularly revisiting your goals helps to ensure you’re staying on course. It can also help you gain clarity during moments where trivial tasks and requests are threatening to steal your focus. Having these documented goals at the ready will constantly remind you how you need to spend your time to ensure you accomplish the targets you set for yourself.

    Stay on Track

    Your goals are in place and top of mind…but how exactly do you remain on course when those threats of derailment start to surface? 

    To help guide you, it’s important to track your time to help you analyze how exactly you are spending your day. Determine the tasks that ultimately help you achieve your goals. Be honest about the efforts you dedicated some time to that didn’t serve your ultimate purpose. Defining the tasks that both help and hinder your ability to complete your goals is a significant step toward recognizing how you can best serve your time.

    Once you start tracking your day, don’t fret if it shows your work and your goals are out of alignment. It’s all part of the process. Tomorrow’s another day. With this information at the ready, the goal will be to make the next day more productive than the last.

    Invest in the Effort

    Let’s be honest with each other; these tips require commitment. It’ll take time and effort for you to start to realize a positive shift in terms of improved productivity. For some of you, this may be daunting. After all, more time is what you feel you already don’t have readily available. But I assure you, dedicating effort upfront to alleviating these pain points will pay dividends.

    Start investing in this effort with small steps. First, commit to writing down what your day looked like and start to assess whether small shifts will help to improve your productivity. Then, after a few weeks, take a bigger-picture view of the data you have available. Assess where you can make improvements, and then adjust your focus to make them stick.

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