By Drew Fox Jordan • December 29, 2020

AAAC's State of AI in Advancement Report Featured In The NonProfit Times

Gravyty and the AI in Advancement Advisory Council (AAAC) were recently featured in The NonProfit Times for their 2020 State of AI in Advancement report. The article shows how the nonprofit industry is reacting to the new challenges laid out by the pandemic like increasing awareness of donor fatigue, budget cuts, and how to redefine roles in fundraising. Lack of travel and face-to-face meetings also sparked concern for many survey respondents. 

The article goes on to mention that organizations are taking steps to tackle these challenges head on citing that AI is now a widely accepted solution for fundraisers, and that organizations are planning for the future with that technology in mind with 62 percent of respondents saying they expect some personnel will shift to the digital gift-officer role in the future.

Gravyty & AAAC Report Featured In The NonProfit TimesGravyty & AAAC Report Featured In The NonProfit TimesYou can read the full post "Donors’ Priorities, Funding Needs Might Be Diverging" here

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